Allen Wins Ward Six City Council Seat

830pm.  Charles Allen Supporters Await Election Returns at Molly Malone's on Barracks Row

830pm. Charles Allen Supporters Await Election Returns at Molly Malone’s on Barracks Row

Meanwhile, Darrel Thompson Supporters Rallied at Barracks Row Chesapeake Room

Meanwhile, Darrel Thompson Supporters Rallied at Barracks Row Chesapeake Room

Allen Wins Ward Six City Council Seat

by Larry Janezich

In an election marked by a low turnout, Charles Allen won the Democratic nomination for Ward Six Councilmember in the general election next fall – in the District, tantamount to winning the election.  He will succeed is boss, Tommy Wells who trailed a distant third  with 12.5% in the race for the Democratic nomination for Mayor, behind Mayor Gray with 32% and winner Muriel Bowser with 44%. .

Senate staffer Darrel Thompson was unable to overcome Allen’s deeply entrenched support in Ward Six resulting from Allen’s years of experience as Councilmember Wells’ chief of staff.

At 1:40am, Allen led by 58% to Thompson’s 42%, a margin which Thompson appeared unlikely to overcome.

Anita Bonds won the nomination for At Large Councilmember convincingly, with 52% of the vote.

For full election results, see here:


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9 responses to “Allen Wins Ward Six City Council Seat

  1. Maggie Hall

    Terrific service! Thanks Larry.

  2. Hill Guy

    Good on Charles Allen. Glad to see a hard working guy win one. And I think his experience w/ Tommy Wells will be an asset. This is good news.

    • anon

      really? I voted for him despite that. Not remotely surprised by Wells’ showing in Mayorial primary.

      • Hill Guy

        I would much rather have him than a Harry Reid flack. Harry Reid is a total sleaze ball. At the end of the day, I think most council members are pretty interchangeable.

  3. Vernon

    Congratulations to Charles.

    As to the other race (Mayoral):

    Given that the general election will most likely elect the Democratic mayoral candidate, Bowser will be elected DC’s next mayor by getting the vote from about 8% of the District’s registered voters. This is calculated by dividing her 36,000 votes in the Primary by the 446,000 registered voters (all parties).
    It’s lucky for her (or any Democratic candidate) that the 100,000+ non-Democrat voters are barred from voting in the Democratic Primary.

    A sad state of affairs.


    • Hill Guy

      I agree in a way. But, come on. Just change your registration to Democrat. That’s what I did. It really doesn’t matter which GOP / Green / Libertarian is on the ballot in DC. Incidentally, don’t forget Catania is running. Not as good a chance against Bowser as against Gray but still…

      • Vernon

        Certainly an option but, really, why not just have an open primary rather than forcing voters to jump through hoops. An unregistered voter can just walk to the poll and vote but one who wants to maintain some guise of independence must re-register as a Democrat at least 30 days in advance and then remember to do it again after the primary.

  4. Eric

    I agree with Hill Guy. While an open primary would be nice, I too changed my party to democrat so I have a voice in the election. I’m glad Gray is out, but I’ll be supporting Catania in the general election. He’s got a long shot, but it’s a shot never the less.

    • anon

      sadly he has no shot vs. Bowser. He’ll get a 9 mo. window to make his case and probably prove beyond a doubt he’s the more capable candidate only to lose the in the actual election.