The Week Ahead….Controversial DOT Pocket Park Issue Before Two ANC’s

7th Street Entrance to the Sunday Flea Market at Hine, 4:15pm.

7th Street Entrance to the Sunday Flea Market at Hine, 4:15pm.

The Week Ahead….Controversial DOT Pocket Park Issue Before Two ANC’s

by Larry Janezich

Monday, May 5

CHRS Historic Preservation Committee meets at 6:30pm, Kirby House, 420 10th Street, SE.

Tuesday, May 6

ANC6B Planning & Zoning Committee meets at 7:00p, St. Coletta’s School, 1901 Independence Avenue, SE.

Among items on the agenda:

Public Space application of sidewalk café for Curbside Café, 257 15th Street, SE.

Special Exception for fast food (pizza) at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

Historic Preservation application for construction at 531 8th Street, SE, Barracks Row.

Office of Planning proposal to relocate an existing emergency shelter on Reservation 13, from Building 9 the Building 27.

Discussion of options for ANC6B action regarding current DOT policy toward pocket parks.  The options include opposing a Historic Preservation application to erect a fence around a pocket park in ANC6A at 147 Tennessee Avenue, NE; a request for a greater role by ANC’s in landscaping applications for pocket parks; and a request that all pocket parks under DOT’s management be transferred to Department of Parks and Recreation.  For a fuller explanation of and the background on this issue, see the agenda for ANC6A on Thursday, below. 

Letter to Department of General Services regarding requests for offers to develop Eastern Branch Boys and Girls Club Building.

Nominations to the PUD oversight subcommittee on the construction of a major residential retail project at 1333 M Street, SE (see here:  In addition to ANC6B Commissioners, concerned residents or representatives of interested organizations are eligible to apply to serve on the Subcommittee.   Contact Commissioner Nichole Opkins:  202-631-2154 or

Wednesday, May 7

ANC6B Transportation Committee meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center.

Among items on the Agenda:

Office of Planning neighborhood planning process for Barney Circle & Southeast Boulevard.

ANC6B request to change Performance Parking scheme north of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.

ANC6A Testimony regarding CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel expansion project.

Support for increase in sidewalk repair funding for fiscal years 2015-2017.

Wednesday, May 7

ANC 6C Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee meets at 7:00pm at Capitol Hill Medical Center/Kaiser Permanente, 700 Second St. NE (2nd & G NE)

Items on the Agenda:

Two applications for additions to residences and a Zoning Commission case involving modification to the PUD for property at 2nd and K Streets, NE.

Thursday May 8

ANC6B ABC Committee will meet at 7:00pm in Hill Center.

Among items on the Agenda:

Request by Nooshi restaurant to establish a summer garden

Thursday, May 8

ANC6A meets at 7:00pm at Miner Elementary, 601 15th Street, NE.

Among items on the Agenda:

Letter to DDOT asking that DDOT consider installation of a traffic signal at Maryland and 10th Streets NE as an independent project.

Letter to DDOT recommending the location of the new Capital Bikeshare station, originally slated for 12th and H Streets, NE, at 10th Street and Maryland Avenue, NE.

Letter to DDOT asking them to correct their characterization of Reservation 266 as public parking.  (Reservation 266 is the pocket park at 147 Tennessee Avenue, NE, currently the subject of a Historic Preservation application before ANC6A to fence the space.  DDOT characterizes the pocket park as identical to the adjacent homeowner’s front yard.)

Letter to Councilwoman Mary Cheh:  1) recommending that all pocket parks and Reservations currently under DDOT jurisdiction be transferred to Department of Parks and Recreation,  2) asking that she urge DDOT to reconsider its position with regard to the designation of pocket parks as public parking, and to issue regulations providing for public notice and comment.

Letter to DC City Council requesting that they “craft legislation to declare that pocket parks and Federal Reservations are public space and may never be considered as public parking and that no changes to the landscaping or hardscaping by individuals, that would affect public use or access, may be approved without public input including consultation with the ANCs.  Further, a board similar to HPRB should be established to review such cases to ensure a fair and transparent process.”

Consideration of a motion that ANC6A oppose the Historic Preservation application for a fence around the pocket park at 147 Tennessee Avenue, NE. 

Letter to HPRB in support of Historic Preservation Application for the conversion of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ at 819 D Street NE and two adjoining row houses into a 30-unit residential development.

Letter to the Zoning Administrator advising that the building plans provided by the developer for the controversial construction of a residential condo building at 1511 A Street, NE, contain discrepancies related to the approval of the project.

Thursday May 8

CHRS Zoning Committee meets at 7:30pm at Kirby House, 420 10th Street, SE.

Saturday, May 10 – Sunday, May 11

CHRS House and Garden Tour.

Saturday, 4-7; Sunday 12-5.see:

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