The Week Ahead…..And ANC6B Moves Office to Eastern Market

Eastern Market Farmer's Line, 1:00pm, Sunday.

Eastern Market Farmer’s Line, 1:00pm, Sunday.

Capitol Hill Corner: The Week Ahead…..And ANC6B Moves Office to Eastern Market

by Larry Janezich

ANC6b Office Departs Hill Center for Eastern Market

Facing a budget crunch and looking to reduce expenses, ANC6b has informally notified Hill Center that it will vacate their Hill Center third floor office space on October 15 and set up shop in Eastern Market.  City regulations provide that ANC’s may occupy office and meeting space in any public building in the ANC district if space is available.  It had not occurred to anyone until recently that space might be available in Eastern Market.  The ANC will continue to rent space for its full Commission monthly meetings at Hill Center, and Hill Center has thrown in use of the conference room on the third floor for ANC committee meetings as part of the deal.  The full ANC6b is expected to ratify the move at its monthly meeting on September 9.  The Hill Center charges the ANC $800 a month rent for office space – space in Eastern Market will be free.

The week Ahead….

Tuesday, September 9

ANC6b meets on at 7:00pm in Hill Center. 

Among items on the agenda:

Exception to single sales alcohol restrictions for DCanter 545 8th Street, SE.

Letter to Alcohol Beverage Control Board regarding The Ugly Mug’s plan to install a retractable roof over their rooftop patio. 

Unenclosed sidewalk café for District Doughnut Café.

Two story rear addition for proposed restaurant at 317 7th Street, SE.

New construction for Madison Investment’s 49 condo building at 900 11th Street, SE.

Informational presentation regarding renovation of apartment building at 816 Potomac Avenue SE.       

Letter to of opposition to District Department of Transportation (DDOT) regarding re-opening of Southeast Freeway.

Thursday, September 11

ANC6a meets at 7:00pm in Miner School, 601 15th Street, NE.

Among items on the agenda:

Alcohol license (restaurant) renewal for Kitty’s Saloon at 1208 H Street, NE.

Alcohol license (restaurant) renewal for Ocopa (formerly Chicken Tortilla) at 1324 H Street, NE.

Enforcement of drainage, cleanliness and traffic standards in alleys including 1200 block of Wiley Street, 1200 block of Linden Place, and alley at 800 block of H Street, NE..

Letter to DCRA relating the status of 1000 C Street, NE, as a possible vacant or blighted property.

Thursday, September 11

ANC6c meets at 7:00pm in Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE.

Among items on the agenda:

DC Streetcar – safety, outreach, testing, updates, role in H Street festival.

M Street cycle track – from M Street to Metropolitan Branch Trail.

Sidewalk proposal – JBG plan for new sidewalk unit block of N Street NE.


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3 responses to “The Week Ahead…..And ANC6B Moves Office to Eastern Market

  1. DavidS

    I remember when Tommy Wells, sitting on the ANC6B, fought tooth and nail against the legislation that saved Eastern Market. What goes around, comes around.

  2. Hill Feller

    “City regulations provide that ANC’s may occupy office and meeting space in any public building in the ANC district if space is available.”

    Interesting. Did not know about that regulation but it seems very sensible.

    I also kind of the like the idea of the ANC in Eastern Market though the Hill Center space is super-nice, too.

  3. Craig D'Ooge

    Meanwhile, ANC6C continues to accept free meeting space from the Heritage Foundation while supporting every zoning variance this “Foundation” ever requested, as they have done for years. DC law says that any donation over $1,000 has to be approved by the city council, but no one seems to care, and the learned members of the commission see no conflict of interest in their little arrangment. At least 6B isn’t accepting private donations this way.