Alberti Loses ANC6A Seat – Election Results for Capitol Hill ANCs

Alberti Loses ANC6A Seat – Election Results for Capitol Hill ANCs

by Larry Janezich

ANC6A Chair Nick Alberti , a 12 year veteran commissioner, lost his seat to challenger Matt Levy by a vote margin of 34% to Levy’s 61% in Tuesday’s election.  Alberti was not the only incumbent to lose his seat, but his loss was perhaps one of the most unexpected.  In other news, ANC6B elected seven freshman commissioners – all as the result of vacated seats because of retirement or resignation.  ANC6B had the greatest number of contested seats (five) among all Ward 6 Capitol Hill ANCs.  ANC6A had three contested seats, while ANC6C and ANC6D had one each. (For complete results at the DC Board of Elections, go here: )

The winners (in bold) of the elections in ANC6A, ANC6B, ANC6C, and ANC6D are as follows:


ANC6A01 –

Omar Mahmud, (incumbent) X

Raphael V. Marshall

Andy Clark

ANC6A02 –

Phil Toomajian X

ANC6A03 –

No Candidate.  Write in vote winner to be announced. 

ANC6A04 –

Nick Alberti, (incumbent)

Matt Levy X

ANC6A05 –

Dan Allen

Patrick A. Malone X

Hassan Christian

ANC6A06 –

Todd Sloves

Stephanie Zimny X

ANC6A07 –

Sondra Phillips-Gilbert, (incumbent – unopposed) X

ANC6A08 –

Calvin Ward, (incumbent – unopposed) X


ANC6B01 –

Jennifer E. Samolyk (unopposed) X

ANC6B02 –

Diane Hoskins X

Gerald Sroufe

ANC6B03 –

Claudia Holwill

James M. Loots X

Kelly Vielmo

ANC6B04 –

Kirsten Oldenburg, (incumbent – unopposed)  X

ANC6B05 –

Steve Hagedorn X

Ellen Opper-Weiner

Carl B. Reeverts

ANC6B06 –

Nick Burger X

Anthony Cassillo

ANC6B07 –

Daniel Chao (unopposed) X

ANC6B08 –

Chander Jayaraman, (incumbent – unopposed) X

ANC6B09 –

Brian Flahaven, (incumbent – unopposed) X

ANC6B10 –

Peter Gould

Kathryn Denise Rucker Krepp X


ANC6C01 –

Daniele Schiffman, (incumbent – unopposed)  X

ANC6C02 –

Karen Wirt, (incumbent – unopposed) X

ANC6C03 –

Scott Price, (incumbent – unopposed) X

ANC6C04 –

Mark Eckenweiler, (incumbent – unopposed) X

ANC6C05 –

Mark Kazmierczak, (incumbent)

Chris Miller X

ANC6C06 –

Tony Goodman, (incumbent – unopposed)  X


ANC6D01 –

Marjorie Lightman (unopposed) X

ANC6D02 –

Stacy Cloyd, (incumbent – unopposed)  X

ANC6D03 –

Rachel Carroll, (incumbent – unopposed)  X

ANC6D04 –

Andy Litsky, (incumbent – unopposed)  X

ANC6D05 –

Roger Moffat, (incumbent – unopposed)  X

ANC6D06 –

Rhonda Hamilton, (incumbent – unopposed)  X

AMC6D07 –

TD Stanger

Josh Hart

Meredith Fascett X


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2 responses to “Alberti Loses ANC6A Seat – Election Results for Capitol Hill ANCs

  1. Maggie Hall

    Thanks for the service!

  2. Rod

    I am disappointed Nick will no longer serve on the ANC. He was a hard working and good man. I greatly appreciate his work over the years dealing with some of the areas challenges and always willing to work with people on the hill. Thank you Nick.