Major Condo/Retail Project Coming to NY Pizza Site On PA Avenue, SE

1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

The nearly 22,000 Square Foot Site Will Accommodate Some 80 Residential Units and Substantial Retail Space

The nearly 22,000 Square Foot Site Will Accommodate Some 80 Residential Units and Substantial Retail Space

Major Condo/Retail Project Coming to NY Pizza Site On PA Avenue, SE

Edmonds School Developer CAS Reigler Wins Bid for Mixed Use Project

by Larry Janezich

CAS Riegler, the developer of the Edmonds School Project, has won the bid to redevelop the 22,000 square foot residential/retail site at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  Plans are in a very preliminary stage, but the site will roughly accommodate up to 80 apartments/condos and 15,000 square feet of retail.  The site is across Pennsylvania Avenue from Potomac Metro stop and the Harris Teeter at the Pennsylvania-Potomac Avenue intersection.  Last night, ANC6B’s Transportation Committee met with DDOT officials to view the latest design concepts for the redesign of the intersection (about which, more later).

CAS Riegler representatives met with the Office of Planning yesterday to discuss the concept.  According to Robin Bettarel, CAS Riegler’s Director of Development, OP expressed support for family sized units.  Much of recent residential construction on Capitol Hill has focused on smaller units.

A decision has not yet been made whether to build within the current 50 foot height limit or to seek a PUD which would allow greater height – up to 90 feet, though Bettarel was quick to point out, that height would never be approved for that location.

Bettarel says that it’s too early to discuss a specific time line, but she hopes to reach out to ANC6B and neighbors in the “next couple of months.”  The design phase is expected to take some six months, meaning that ground breaking could be a “couple of years out.”

Bettarel said, “This project is an opportunity to create a neighborhood asset and help spur further development of that area, which is already a great neighborhood.”

CAS Riegler recently developed the former Edmonds School in northeast Capitol Hill into condo units ranging from 500 square foot one bedroom apartments to 1700 square foot lofted three bedroom units.  The Edmonds project also included three 3500 square foot townhouses.  See CHC posting here:  Last year, the company developed a 38-unit luxury condominium building at 1101 Rhode Island Ave. NW in the Logan Circle neighborhood.


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11 responses to “Major Condo/Retail Project Coming to NY Pizza Site On PA Avenue, SE

  1. Corey H.

    Thanks for your reporting, Larry! Once I saw the soil boring permits, I knew it was a precursor to a large project like this and glad you did the leg work to find out.

    As a neighbor on the block I’m looking forward to hearing what CAS Reigler has to say but if the end result is anything like what’s proposed above, I’ll be overjoyed. This is such a large lot (the building, parking lots, and four empty lots next to it) that has so much potential and it seems like this is maximizing it.

    On a related note, this should be good news for the Stead Foundation (the owners of the land) and, by extension, Stead Park. Looking at their 990s for the past couple of years you can tell their assets were quickly dwindling and struggled to meet the charitable distribution requirements. The income from rent from NY Pizza rent just wasn’t enough to survive. Hopefully they use the cash infusion well.

  2. fresh air

    Keeping the current height limit is good.

  3. elizabeth eby

    Wow! This is exciting news. Together with the plan for Jerry’s (which I will miss). it’s time to think about what that area will become. Extending the Capital Hill sense of community to include so many new residents is a challenge for us all. We can do it.

  4. Pizza Fan

    Please tell me that New York Pizza will find a new home nearby. I really like their pizza!

    • Corey H.

      Their initial plan was to move to the retail space across the street at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. It was mentioned in a couple of ANC meeting notices last summer and even went to the BZA.

      But they’re caught in a legal dispute with the owner of the building regarding it’s sale. According to the DC courts online system, they’re still in the middle of the process (case# 2014 CA 003639 R(RP)).

  5. ET

    I was just wondering about that space an thinking that land could be used for a lot more.

    This project and other residential projects like the one at the old used car lot this and bring more people which I hope brings more activity retail wise. This project and the one at the old KFC have brought retail spaces but they and others (the old corner place next to the Potomac Metro) sit empty. Empty retail does no one any good but without patrons business might be slow to use the spaces and those places stay empty. Even with these projects I am not sure about those places filling up and being successful.

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