Bullfrog Bagels to Open Shop Near Eastern Market

317 7th Street, SE, Slated to be the future home of Capitol Hill's Second Bullfrog Bagels

317 7th Street, SE, Slated to be the future home of Capitol Hill’s Second Bullfrog Bagels

Bullfrog Bagels to Open Shop Near Eastern Market

by Larry Janezich

Capitol Hill Corner has confirmed that Jeremiah Cohen, owner of Bullfrog Bagels at 1341 H Street, NE, will open a second bagel outlet at 317 7th Street (the Sheehy House), near Eastern Market.  The location, a former frame shop now owned by a group comprised of developer Ken Golding and his two sons, will need renovation – likely to last several months – before it’s ready for a new occupant.

Cohen told Capitol Hill Corner that he hopes to open in September and that the menu will be largely the same but will feature some new bagel and cream cheese flavors.  Cohen, the former general manager of Tabard Inn, opened the H Street location in September, 2014, featuring the shop’s signature New York–style bagels.  The menu for that location can be found here:  http://www.bullfrogbagels.com/#!menu/c3x0  The hours of operation for the Bullfrog Bagels on H Street are Tuesday – Sunday: 7:00 am – 1:00pm. Closed Mondays.  Bullfrog Bagels are also available elsewhere in the city, including The Coupe, Tryst, Open City, The Little Red Fox, and Room 11.

317 7th Street, The Sheehy House, was formerly “The Frame Up” – the studio, shop, art gallery and home of prolific artist Richard Sheehy, who died in February, 2014.  For more on the Goldings’ plan for development of Sheehy House, go here:  http://bit.ly/1lOTKr5

Editor’s Note:  After an initial plan anticipating outdoor storage for trash, the Golding group subsequently modified their proposed renovation for 317 7th Street, SE, to provide for indoor trash storage.  ANC6B Commissioner Ivan Frishberg had this to say about indoor trash storage in his September, 2014 newsletter to his constituents:

“Restaurant News

Two big developments have conspired to create what I view as the new standard in Capitol Hill restaurants for the future: No, I am not talking about the national acclaim for Rose’s Luxury, but I am talking “Indoor Trash Containment.”

It doesn’t sound glamorous, but the best way to stop restaurants from creating havens for the rat population is how they manage their trash. If you look at the back of 8th street behind Cava and other restaurants you see an alley filled with trash and grease containers that, creates a playground of opportunity for rodents. If you look at the trash facility from Montmartre and District Taco you notice not much at all. The difference is having an internal rodent-proof space with temperature control and drainage to manage and store trash until it is hauled away. The difference on the cleanliness of the neighborhood is significant.

Two recent cases have suggested that this approach is now the new standard being set.  317 7th Street is a new space being likely created for restaurant use.   It is a small space, but working with the ANCand a few neighbors, the owners agreed to a system of inside trash storage. Similarly, in the case of the ANC and neighbors required extensive physical changes and operating conditions that are centered around indoor trash handling. The success in both of these cases (in two very different spaces) suggests that there is no reason this cannot be applied for any restaurant doing business in the area. Indeed, this idea was brought up by 7th street neighbors to Mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser who offered tentative support for this kind of approach after hearing that it was being used in Philadelphia and New York City.

We know we are going to have more restaurants and we know we are going to have to make them up their game so that they doesn’t create noise, odor and rat problems that are an obvious problem for the neighborhood. These two recent cases are more than just good outcomes, I believe they set a new standard.”


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2 responses to “Bullfrog Bagels to Open Shop Near Eastern Market

  1. Marian Connolly

    Bullfrog bagels seems like it will fill a niche in food offerings on the Hill. Suggestion to owner: stay open on Mondays when Mo tmartre, Eastern Market, and perhaps 7th HI’ll are closed. Close Tuesday or Wednesday instead.

  2. E. Masquinongy

    Real NY bagels? Really? Thanks for the tip.