Local Superstar Chef Rob Weland Lands on Barracks Row

524 8th Street on Barrack's Row will be the home of Chef Rob Whalen's new restaurant

524 8th Street on Barrack’s Row will be the home of Chef Rob Weland’s new restaurant

Local Superstar Chef Rob Weland Lands on Barracks Row

Competition Coming for Rose’s Luxury

by Larry Janezich

CHC has learned that Chef Rob Weland, formerly of Cork on 14th Street, and Poste Moderne Brasserie in Penn Quarter’s Hotel Monaco prior to that, plans to open his own long-awaited restaurant in the space formerly occupied by TASH, at 524 8th Street, SE, on Barracks Row.

Weland left Cork – some thought suddenly – in April of 2013 on very short notice.  Both sides said the parting was mutual, and at the time, Washingtonian Magazine reported that the owners of Cork, Khalid Pitts and his wife Diane Gross, hoped to partner with Weland on his next venture.   http://bit.ly/1B8CrLk

Weland is renowned for creative American cuisine and his dedication to seasonal foods and sustainability, the latter evidenced by the organic garden he used to supply Poste’s kitchen.  Indeed, seasonal cooking and sustainability are reported to be the subject of the book he plans to write.

When Weland left Poste in September of 2011, the DC food blog Eater reported he departed to write a book and that a plan to open his own restaurant was in the works.  So it came as a surprise that he turned up as the executive chef a month later at Cork.

No word yet on the timing of his new venture on Barracks Row, nor does CHC have any details on the menu (other than a report from sources that it will be contemporary American) or concept.


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2 responses to “Local Superstar Chef Rob Weland Lands on Barracks Row

  1. ET

    Tash is gone? That was fast. I hope this isn’t the beginning of a revolving door of restaurants on 8th.

  2. Ben H.

    This is an interesting development. I don’t think the retail that people idealize / fantasize about is going to happen. But what if Barracks Row goes in the direction of a high end restaurant cluster rather than an Adams Morgan intern-oriented bar and pizza by the slice scene? That would be fine with me!

    More generally, not surprised that Tash is going under. The meze-craze seems to be fading. I continue to be amazed at Café 8’s staying open. The food isn’t bad but I never see a soul in there except for the occasional hookah smoker. Of course, the Indian place (Tandoor Grill?) is still open but I think they do a decent takeout business.