ANC6B Steamed at Dissing by DSG over Eastern Market Flea Market Licensing

ANC6B Steamed at Dissing by DGS over Eastern Market Flea Market Licensing

by Larry Janezich

ANC6B was expecting to hear Department of General Services (DGS) Associate Director Forest Hayes discuss the details of the new licenses issued to the Eastern Market Weekend Flea Markets Tuesday night.  (The city backed off an earlier announcement that they were taking over management of the weekend flea markets from the current private operators as reported by CHC here: Instead, Hayes dispatched Eastern Market Manager Barry Margeson to the meeting to tell the ANC simply that the licenses had been extended to July 31, 2017, and all other questions should be directed to the DGS press office.

This did not sit well with Commissioners.

Chair Kirsten Oldenburg expressed her concern and disappointment that details were not forthcoming on whether the agreement contained any provision beyond the July 2017 date, particularly after completion of the Hine contract, saying that she felt the Commission had been deprived of the opportunity to have a dialogue with the Associate Director on these matters.

Commissioner Denise Krepp, never one to mince words, told Margeson that Hayes’ method of dealing with the scheduled visit was “outrageous.  We invited Hayes; he said he can’t come and sent you to tell us to call his press person?”  Margeson replied, “Yes.”  Krepp said, “Excuse me, but it seems that the director is giving us a large bird.”

A less outspoken Commissioner Hoskins said that the failure of DGS to communicate or engage on such an important issue spoke to the need for the ANC to demand greater transparency on the licensing.

The Commission subsequently voted 10 – 0 to send a letter to the DGS Director Christopher E. Weaver, copying the Mayor, saying they “expected the director (Hayes) at our next meeting” to discuss the matter of licensing the flea markets.


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3 responses to “ANC6B Steamed at Dissing by DSG over Eastern Market Flea Market Licensing

  1. freeaire

    I must say, I’m surprised and puzzled at this kind of behavior from our city government. Is it correct to say this action, treatment and behavior of DGS towards Ward 6 and in particular ANC6B is in line with direction from Mayor Bowser? Would DGS treat DC residents and their elected representatives as unimportant subjects instead of free citizens paying DC taxes, without direction from their superior? Was our Ward 6 Councilman knowledgeable of DGS’s decision and behavior to our ANC6B or was this a surprise to him too?
    Now that he knows, what has he discovered as to the reasons this childish treatment of Ward 6 residents?

  2. John

    Perhaps I’m late to the party here. What’s the big issue at stake here? As I understand it, the District opted to not renew a 3rd party manager of the flee market but then renewed the 3rd party manager under pressure from the vendors.

    Why was the District wrong to not renew the 3rd party manager? Was the manager adding considerable value that couldn’t be matched by direct management from the District?

  3. John Melo

    I think the mayor and her appointed officials are focused on the wards that voted her in the office. I’m looking forward to the next Mayoral election.