Results Capitol Hill Closes – May Reopen Thursday Under New Management

Results Capitol Hill Closes – May Reopen Thursday Under New Management

by Larry Janezich

The following photos are self-explanatory and reflect all the information available at this time.  Some Results members on the newhilleast listserv received notices of the gym’s closing, while many did not.

A post-midnight trip to Results revealed that a sign had been posted by “a neighbor” that the gym would re-open on Thursday under new management.  That claim has not yet been confirmed. 





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9 responses to “Results Capitol Hill Closes – May Reopen Thursday Under New Management

  1. why don't my comments appear on your site?

    not shocking as they’ve been getting their hat handed to them by Vida and numerous Crossfit, spin, and barre outfits around the city. I’m hoping a solid chain takes over — something like LA Fitness — with a fungible membership for multiple locations and reasonable rates. I travel to the west coast and gym memberships costs $30 and under in places equally costly as DMV. The rates here are absurd and Results has always been on the high end. Plus they don’t post rates or return e-mails. I won’t miss them.

  2. Ken

    I thought they owned the building. At least that is how I remember the HPRB/Zoning review when they did the renovations.

    • Marya

      I think that was before they chopped up their different properties and divided assets into VIDA and Results. They may be their own landlord, or partially own the entity that is their landlord.

    • The gym, in a former DCPS school building at 315 G SE, is owned by Jane E. Ramsey, according to the DC real estate assessment database. It is valued/assessed at something over $9 million. The date of recordation (which may or may not be the sale date–not clear to me) is from 2012.

  3. m.

    I never understood them not posting rates – it’s honestly why I never joined. It all seemed very fishy and used car lot of them, like a lot of work to get a fair deal. I just want a simple fee that is easy to understand.

    • dc1

      it’s a shame because it’s a beautiful facility with great potential that hasn’t been well managed. WSC is no prize and they’ve closed numerous facilities including one on the Hill. I’d hate to see WSC take over this property.

      • Michael

        Dear Members,

        As of today, Results Gym DC (RGDC) assumed the management of Results the Gym. Please know that the club will be open on the regular schedule, effective Thursday, March 17, and the change in management will not affect your membership privileges in any way. We will honor all membership commitments made by the previous management, and we will deliver excellent quality of service during the transition.

        While there will be continuity in the staff and programs, our greatest priority is member experience, so you will soon see improvement in the club, including new equipment and better value for membership. RGDC directors have over 50 years experience operating first class clubs in the Washington area, and we are excited to bring our vision to Capitol Hill. Please contact us at with your feedback, questions, and ideas for how we can best serve you.


        Cwi Steiman

  4. Nellie Washington, Results instructor

    VIDA SUCKS!! And the shimmer will soon dim. Don’t think they don’t have their own internal struggles and issues with ego and high turnover!! Results is a community pillar and has stood the test of time. With a little TLC, they will continue to be a hallmark of the best!!! So glad we got another chance to suit up!!!

  5. Nate

    I would love to see a gym compete with West Coast pricing, and offer LATE night hours. I hate going there when the rest of the town gets off work. If I could schedule a work out before bedtime, I would join that gym in a minute. Plus, Results was getting shabby…stained and ripped carpet in the locker room, old equipment, and staff that couldn’t keep up with clean towels in the locker room. Vida came around at the right time…and with all DC gyms hovering around $100/month, there is no real price competition, so you might as well go the new one!