Package Theft In Hill East – Three Delivery Services Brief PSA 108

Ray Rothermel, Security Supervisor for UPS (back to camera) was joined by UPS Postal Inspector Maureen O'Sullivan and FeEx Security Specialist Marcus Lyers at tonight's PSA 108 meeting on package thefts

Ray Rothermel, Security Supervisor for UPS (back to camera) was joined by UPS Postal Inspector Maureen O’Sullivan and FeEx Security Specialist Marcus Lyers (both far left) at tonight’s PSA 108 meeting on package thefts.

Package Theft In Hill East – Three Delivery Services Brief PSA 108

by Larry Janezich

MPD District 1 Acting Captain Damion Taylor told residents who attended tonight’s meeting:  “This issue is one of the leading crimes in our service area (PSA 108) – package thefts are killing us.”

It’s a major problem for the three primary services delivering those packages, as well.

Representatives from UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Inspectors were present to talk about the burgeoning problem of package thefts.  NBC4’s Jackie Benson, who told CHC that the issue was one of prime importance to her viewers, was on hand to cover the meeting.

Despite the compelling subject matter and the number of speakers, the number of Hill East resident who turned out was – minimal.  Those who attended heard the steps the three delivery services are taking to address the problem.

Ray Rothermel, UPS Security Supervisor, (  urged residents to visit (here: to give special instructions for delivering a package.  UPS has 400 drivers in DC and Prince George’s County – the top five drivers generating claims of package loss against UPS are called in for a “face-to-face” on a monthly basis.  Rothermel also told residents that UPS employs four armed off duty or retired police officers to follows trucks on routes, switching back and forth throughout the day.

Maureen O’Sullivan, U.S. Postal Inspector, ( told residents that postal inspectors do surveillance in neighborhoods with a high rate of package theft.  She discussed options for delivery, including resident having the post office hold a package for pick up.  “The biggest thing for us,” she said, “is knowing that package theft is an issue in a neighborhood.”

Marcus Lyers, FedEx Senior Security Specialist, ( explained options for customizing deliveries by using FedEx Delivery Manager (here: to customize delivery time, deliver to another address, hold at FedEx location, require signature for a package, provide delivery instructions, and receive delivery notification.

Services are increasingly using electronic scanners fitted with GPS capability to track the delivery times and locations.  A future program to help delivery services reduce package theft is undergoing testing throughout the country; the “locker delivery” would provide access to packages delivered to centrally located lockers, by means of a code received on line.  A similar system is already being used in apartment buildings.

Lt. Damion Taylor reiterated that package theft is a crime of opportunity, and cited a recent incident where alert residents contributed to the arrest of a brazen package thief “with a long record.”  Hill East activist Jim Myers, urged the coordination between MPD and the community to launch a publicity campaign against package thieves, including wide distribution of information and photos of those arrested for package theft.

The meeting was organized by Community Leader and Facilitator for PSA 108, David Bibo.


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5 responses to “Package Theft In Hill East – Three Delivery Services Brief PSA 108

  1. Elizabeth Eby

    My experience is that ups and FedEx drivers do not ring my bell or knock. Delivery should be called drop and go.

  2. Thank you Larry — excellent post. Did anyone mention at the meeting that in the olden days (like last year) all of these services 1)knocked on the door and handed you the package if you were home, and 2) tucked it behind a planter on the porch (if possible) instead of just dropping it on the doorstep where it just screams TAKE ME I’M YOURS?

  3. Shari

    Exactly what the other commenters have mentioned, UPS, FEDEX, & USPS do not always ring your apartment to check if anyone is available to receive or sign for a package. Especially frustrating when you get e-mails from the delivery company notifying you that a signature is required for the delivery. I’ve had different postal workers treat package delivery inconsistently. Some will ring up, some leave the package outside my apartment door, some leave the package in the building foyer by the mailboxes that is accessible to the public, while others will leave packages inside the security door past the building foyer. So there does not seem to be a SOP for the USPS on package delivery, which is odd. The US Govt always have standardized rules and procedures for all their processes.

  4. Ellen

    I wish I could have gone last night but I was working…..

    It used to be that the USPS didn’t leave packages. They would leave the note/form and you would have to pick it up at the post office. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Has USPS policy changed?

    Also, I agree that it seems that policy for FedEx/UPS, unless the form indicates a required signature, is to drop and leave. I usually know when I am expecting a package so I even put a note saying they can drop it over the fence (I live on the corner) sometimes they do sometimes they don’t.

  5. BJB

    I am sad to just hear about this meeting. Was the meeting widely advertised? It should have included more PSAs 106, 107 etc. One of the biggest problems with the issue, as others have point out, is the inconsistency and/or the complete disregard of policies by the delivery people. The companies may say their delivers are doing x but it seem to be universal that the fact is the delivers are not doing x and not following policy. The story is the same with everyone i talk to on the Hill. The delivers rarely knock, do not read notes or instructions, they always deliver and never hold packages anymore, they leave packages in all weather, and they never leave a note saying they delivered. Yes the digital apps help a lot to know when a package is coming and been delivered but we have found issues here too. The delivers will bulk scan packages and then deliver them over the next 10-20 mins. This can be nerve racking as you open the door or zip home and do not find a package that says has been delivered! And of course there is the delivering to the wrong address. I think the sad truth is these companies are driven by numbers and not customer satisfaction, that and some of the employees could care less.