7-Eleven Apparently Reneges on Pledge Not to Sell Alcohol at New Hill East Store

1501 Independence Avenue, SE, the site of a new 7-Eleven scheduled to open June 14.

1501 Independence Avenue, SE, the site of a new 7-Eleven scheduled to open June 14.


7-Eleven Apparently Reneges on Pledge Not to Sell Alcohol at New Hill East Store

by Larry Janezich

Eat DC (‏@eat_dc) who covers DC’s food and drink venues, tweeted Monday afternoon that according to 7-Eleven’s website listing the sale of the franchises for its stores, the new Hill East store at 1501 Independence will sell beer.  (see here: http://bit.ly/1TtuFks)

Update:  Monday afternoon, CHC sent the following inquiry to Sembe Cole, Market Manager for 7-Eleven, Inc:

Mr. Cole –

The 7-11 website offering up the 15th and Independence franchise for a June opening indicates that that 7-11 will be selling beer.
Is this a mistake, do you think, or is this in direct contradiction to what the community was told by 7-11 reps on February 19 at St. Coletta?
I’m posting an article on my community news blog, capitlhillcorner.org momentarily, and I’d appreciate a response asap.

Tuesday morning, CHC received a response from Me Cole, as follows:  “This was a mistake and put up in error”  

This directly contradicts what company reps told ANC6B Commissioners Krepps and Jayaraman and Hill East residents on February 19, 1916, at a community meeting at St. Coletta’s.  (see CHC post here:  http://bit.ly/23WSqK4)

The store is being opened as a matter or right, and nearby neighbors are concerned that it will create the same problems for their neighborhood that have plagued the 7-Elevens on Barracks Row and Maryland Avenue, NE.  In an attempt to allay concerns, one of the pledges company executives made to those attending the meeting was that the proposed 7-Eleven would not sell beer or wine.

Asked for reaction to the story, Jayaraman – who chairs of ANC6B’s Alcohol Beverage Control Committee – said, “…7-Eleven representatives told us that they did not plan to sell alcohol of any sort so I view this as a breach of trust and a reversal of what I understood to be their willingness to be sensitive to the surrounding community by not seeking such a license.  I will strongly object and protest any application to sell alcohol at that location. Such a move would also threaten the viability of SE Market, a small family-run small business.  As you know 7-Eleven has already put out of business 2 establishments that had been there for nearly 40 years. I am terribly disappointed to hear of this development.”

Commissioner Krepp, in whose Single Member District the new 7-Eleven resides, said yesterday, “Like Commissioner Jayaraman, I will oppose this application if it is true…this afternoon, I sought clarification from 7-Eleven.”

7-Eleven has become a bad neighbor in the eyes of many in the community, as the corporation has proven unresponsive to neighborhood concerns and the franchise holders are unable to deal with them.  The new store is scheduled to open on June 14.


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8 responses to “7-Eleven Apparently Reneges on Pledge Not to Sell Alcohol at New Hill East Store

  1. Sylvia Csiffary

    What happened to “my word is my bond”?

  2. John

    I don’t understand 7-11’s response. What does “This” refer to in Cole’s response. Clearer reporting is necessary.

  3. MK

    The best way to show our displeasure that they are in our community? Don’t patronize them.

    I’m always surprised when I read about people excited it will be in the neighborhood, but they probably don’t live near any of the streets where the impact of a 24/7 convenience store will be felt. This is a recipe for disaster and I for one refuse to give them one penny of support. The Moons will continue to received my business.

  4. CarPool

    7-11 is packaging a location to sell to another corporation or individual as a franchise. Big incentive to sell beer & wine for quick buck. Current 7-11 Officers on this location should sign agreement with ANC & DCRA that forever this location will not pursue licensing to sell beer & wine. Easy.
    It would be ideal if family run business could cater to the community rather corporations that have no firm stake in our community other than money.

  5. HillRes20Years

    I’m not sure that alcohol is the only contributor to the 7-11 woes. There is a newish 7-11 on H St at 8th NE and yesterday night when we walked by there was trash everywhere. It’s not liquor trash it’s just bags and containers. The same thing happens outside the one on Pennsylvania Ave SE now and 7-11 doesn’t care. They don’t pick up their customers trash or ask the customers to make sure not to litter. It’s just atrocious. Just because we have a BID doesn’t mean the business owners are not responsible for their own trash.

    • dc1

      they sell cheap carry out fast food with disposable packaging. for all the angst about limiting fast food on Barracks Row 7-11 is the absolute worst contributor to the persistent mess on that block and a source of an alarming amount of crime.

      • CarPool

        Expect an uptick of trash simply tossed by customers. Another Agreement clause for 7-11 Execs to endorse, they pick-up trash too and augment available public trash cans all for their 7-11 customers. Several blocks within store range should get coverage by 7-11.