Councilmember Allen Makes ANC Rounds – Talks to ANC6D About Last Week’s Shooting in SW

Councilmember Charles Allen takes questions from the audience at last night’s ANC6D meeting.

Councilmember Allen Makes ANC Rounds – Talks to ANC6D About Last Week’s Shooting in SW

by Larry Janezich

Councilmember Charles Allen appeared before ANC6D Monday night.  Allen has been making the rounds of Ward Six ANC’s to talk about issues in those ANCs.  The first thing he addressed last night was the recent drive-by shooting last week which sent a victim to the hospital and roiled the neighborhood around King Greenleaf Recreation Center at 201 N Street, SW, SW.  Allen said he had engaged MPD First District Commander Morgan Kane and Ward 8 colleagues and MPD had pointed to a “beef” between residents of Ward 8 and residents who frequent the SW recreation center.   The violence, Allen said he learned, was the result of “back and forth” between the two groups in the different wards.  Greenleaf has proposed to limit access to the center involving a build out of the entry way which would require a buzz-in for access.  “I don’t like this,” said Allen, but seemed to acknowledge that a concern for public safety was of primary concern.

Regarding other ANC6D issues, Allen said he was pushing the Mayor to move more quickly on the renovation of Jefferson School, moving it up before the current plan which is three years out.  Allen noted the school had recently been visited by Secretary of Education De Vos, who subsequently – and unjustifiably, according to Allen – trashed the school in a conservative newspaper.  Allen also said that the complete rebuilding of the Southwest Library is on track.

A few members of the audience had questions for Allen, including the problem of unruly students congregating in front of the CVS near the Navy Yard entrance.  Allen said he had sat down with CVS after hearing from neighbors, telling them that CVS has to own part of the problem and can’t just call MPD.  Allen told company officials they had to increase security.  He has also reached out to schools and to the SW Library whose staff has suffered harassment.  These efforts resulted in the identification of aggressors and MPD has conducted home visits in an attempt to engage families to help address the problem.

Another resident expressed concern about the “significant uptick in noise and vibration” now that trains are beginning to run through one of the CSX tunnels.  The resident said he and his neighbors are hearing trains for the first time, and have lobbied CSX – to no avail – for additional insulation.  A resident told Allen he had filed a claim for minor damage to his home to start a paper trail.  Allen indicated he would look into this.

Finally, Allen – in response to a final question – said that DDOT Director Dormsjo would be holding quarterly meetings with Southwest leadership to work on transportation issues and planning. Allen indicated that he would support and join that effort to help keep that conversation moving forward.

Allen is scheduled to appear tonight, Tuesday, March 14, before ANC6B, which meets at 7:00pm in Hill Center.

(This post has been updated to reflect MPD referring to a “beef” between residents of Ward 6 and Ward 8, and to clarify that DDOT will be hosting quarterly meetings on Southwest transportation issues. 4:12pm, Tuesday)

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  1. Jamin Jimmy

    “who pointed to a “beef” between residents” Beef, or homicidal rage.