Wine & Butter Café Brings Sidewalk Café to Lincoln Park in May

In May, Wine & Butter – formerly P&C Market – will add a sidewalk cafe (as below) in the space on the left.

ANC6B recommended approval of this public space application for Wine & Butter last week. Click to enlarge.

Wine and Butter Café Brings Sidewalk Café to Lincoln Park in May

by Larry Janezich

Last May, after Attilla Suzer and spouse Lisa Friedman leased the space formerly occupied by P&C Market on 11th Street across from Lincoln Park, they kept the original idea of P&C and expanded the operation to sell a full line of prepared coffee drinks and pastries from an authentic French bakery in Rockville.

Now the couple plan to open an 8 table sidewalk café in May and offer wine by the glass as well as non-alcoholic drinks with their pastries and sandwiches.  Tuesday night, ANC6B signed off on the public space application.

Suzer and Friedman, who live a few doors away, also own Bacio Pizza in Bloomingdale.  Why Wine and Butter?  Attilla says it’s to emphasize the shop’s line of wines as well as remind customers the shop continues to carry the line of grocery products offered by P&C.

Wine & Butter added a full line of prepared coffees and hot chocolate…

and pastries….

and more pastries and baguettes.

Your host, Attilla Suzer is pictured with an employee, Juliana Lessar.  An earlier version of this story mis-identified Ms. Lessa as Juliana Suzer in both the photo caption and the text of the article.  CHC regrets the error.  


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4 responses to “Wine & Butter Café Brings Sidewalk Café to Lincoln Park in May

  1. This is great news. Will be a welcome addition to the west end of Lincoln Park. Dan

  2. Marie-B

    Tried it …Wonderful coffee and pastries. Staff is great too!

  3. Pat

    why is a single americano 54% more expensive than a single espresso?