Aimee Grace Resigns as ANC6B07 Commissioner

ANC6B07 Commissioner Aimee Grace shares a laugh with CM Charles Allen at a meeting on the final design for the Potomac Avenue Triangle Parks Design.

Aimee Grace Resigns as ANC6B07 Commissioner

by Larry Janezich

Aimee Grace, ANC6B07, officially announced her resignation today.  The announcement has been expected since last December.  An excerpt from her statement to constituents follows:

“To our wonderful 6B07 community-

In bittersweet news, I submitted my letter of resignation (attached) as ANC 6B07 Commissioner today.  As you may recall, I announced in December 2017 that I need to resign given a change in my husband’s job and our decision to move home to Hawaii to be closer to family.

It has been a great honor to work alongside all of you, and I will miss being your ANC 6B07 Commissioner.  However, I will remain engaged in our community, particularly to ensure the completion of the Potomac Ave SE parks renovation project in 2018.  Thank you for being such a terrific community, and for your efforts to ever improve our great neighborhood.”

Grace, in her first term as ANC6B Commissioner, was instrumental in getting city funding for the renovation of two problematic triangle parks on Potomac Avenue, SE.  See here:

The move leaves two vacancies on the ANC6B board – commissioner Hoskins announced her resignation on February 4 because of the demands of a new job.

The usual procedure for filling vacant seats once ANC6B declares a vacancy is by special election at a time and place determined by the ANC.  Capitol Hill Corner will post the details as they become available.  A map of ANC6B is below.  Potential candidates should contact the DC Board of Elections on the procedures for establishing candidacy.  See here:   If only one candidate emerges, the usual procedure is for the ANC to declare that candidate the new commissioner.



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