Frager’s Garden Center to Re-Open on Pennsylvania Avenue April 1

Anh-Doa Vietnamese restaurant at 1123 Pennsylvania will be the office and space for tools and garden products.  It will open later in the spring after remodeling.  


The parking lot behind 1123 – 1129 Pennsylvania will be transformed into the outdoor garden center and will open April 1.  

Frager’s Garden Center to Re-Open on Pennsylvania Avenue April 1

By Larry Janezich

Gina Schaefer, co-owner of A Few Cool Hardware Stores (AFCHS), confirmed yesterday that Frager’s Garden Center will reopen in the 1100 block Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, on April 1, in time for spring planting.

Last April, John Weintraub, the owner of Frager’s Hardware, sold the store to A Few Cool Hardware Stores and it became part of the ACE Hardware cooperative.

Yesterday, Mahmoud Abdalla and Ken Noroozi, owners of the three properties at 1123 – 1129 Pennsylvania Avenue (currently housing Hype Café, Pizza Iole and Anh-Doa Vietnamese restaurant) announced they have leased the space occupied by the Vietnamese restaurant at 1123 and the triangular parking lot behind the three businesses to AFCHS.

The large outdoor lot behind the building will open on April 1 and will be developed into a space for perennials, annuals, trees, vegetable plants and greenery.  AFCHS will take several months to remodel the restaurant for the sale of garden tools and related products after the restaurant vacates in the next 30 to 40 days.

Schaefer says the garden center will continue in this location even after their new Frager’s operation opens in the building currently under construction on the site of the former Frager’s outlet.

AFCHS co-owners Gina Schaefer and Marc Friedman also own 5th Street Ace Hardware, Canton Ace Hardware, Federal Hill Ace Hardware, Glover Park Hardware,  Logan Hardware, Old Takoma Ace Hardware, Tenleytown Ace Hardware, Waverly Ace Hardware, Woodley Park Ace Hardware and Old Town Ace Hardware.

The company’s website is here:


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7 responses to “Frager’s Garden Center to Re-Open on Pennsylvania Avenue April 1

  1. Laraine

    I will be sorry to lose Anh-Doa. It is good food at a good price. Does anyone know if they are relocating nearby.

  2. Keith

    Agree. Love Anh-Dao. Sad to see it go.

  3. dlg

    I assume this means the proposal to build condos / apts on that lot above Hype / Anh-Dao / Pizza Iole is finished.

  4. anon

    sorry it’s not Pizzaa Iole closing. At least Anh-Dao’s sign can’t be seen from outer space

  5. Brian Flanagan

    Losing Anh-Dao will be sad. 😦