Here’s the FY 2019 Budget for Eastern Market Proposed by the Department of General Services

Here’s the FY 2019 Budget for Eastern Market Proposed by the Department of General Services

by Larry Janezich

Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC) is objecting to the flouting the law by Department of General Services in failing to submit the budget to EMCAC for input before presenting it to the City Council.

EMCAC Chair Donna Scheeder told City Council members that the document fails to break down the several sources of income and provides no information about what expenditures are needed for maintenance and capital improvement.  Scheeder told the committee that without out having access to current meaningful budget information, EMCAC has no way to advise whether the substantial rent increases for the South Hall merchants proposed by DGS are justified.

DGS’s Proposed Eastern Market Budget for FY 2019 – click to enlarge 


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10 responses to “Here’s the FY 2019 Budget for Eastern Market Proposed by the Department of General Services

  1. CL D"Ooge

    Am I reading this right? The market manager doubles his pay with the addition of overtime and “Fringe benefits?”

  2. Jamin Jimmy

    I’ve about had it with Eastern Market, the inside vendors in particular. They need to modernize their offerings or they aren’t going to last very long. There is real competition out there and I don’t see anyone involved with EM facing that reality.

    • Craig D'Ooge

      JJ….We are interested in examples of what “modern offerings” you think the vendors should be offering. I’m sure they would find your feedback valuable, if you could spare a moment and pass on some examples. Thanks!

      • 9th St mom

        We’ve seen bugs in the display cases at the bakery so fixing that would be a start. Organic offerings would also be nice (does any indoor vendor offer organic foods?). I’m not sure why you scoff at the Union Market offerings. How are EM vendors offering groceries at twice the price or more of Trader Joe’s somehow more noble than Union Market vendors who sell expensive foods that people actually want to buy?

      • 9th St. Mom, there are many organic offerings at the South Hall Eastern Market — veggies, fruits, meat, eggs, chicken, fish, and so on.

  3. Craig D'Ooge

    Ah, I see now. You’ve got Eastern Market confused with Union Market, home of the $10 soups and burgers with advanced degrees and priced appropriately. LOL.

  4. CL D'Ooge

    OK, let’s see some examples of ‘twice the price of Trader’s Joe’s”. Some people like Hawaiian shirts, and some people enjoy supporting local independent businessmen instead of mega chains. I submit for your consideration, with all the respect you deserve, that you obviously don’t appreciate the Eastern Market, the prices, or the value of having a personal relationship with your “vendor” and not just your checkout person, If you consider yourself a “locavore” by shopping at TJs, then go for it.

    • 9th St Mom

      Bananas (actually 4X the price). Beef broth. Canned tomatoes. Brussels sprouts. Walnuts. Eggs. Pasta. Sugar. Avocados. I could go on. I do have a personal relationship with staff at TJs – they bought my 3 year old a birthday gift. We exchange holiday cards. We look forward to seeing them every weekend. I never said I consider myself a locavore. I just want to shop places that sell things that I want to buy at prices that are fair. I’d love to shop more at Eastern Market but I’m not just going to throw money at vendors because I feel bad for them. And I’m willing to pay more for quality products (Trickling Springs, Spring Mill). I’m not sure why you felt the need to turn nasty and tell me I’m not worthy of respect for stating an honest opinion.

  5. contrarianguy

    Maybe ethically raised meat, sustainably harvested seafood, gluten free options at the bakery, cage free eggs, cage free poultry.

    • CL D'Ooge

      Dear Contraianguy, Oh timid one. Why don’t you post under your real name? ALL the poultry at Eastern Market Poultry is free-range, or at least it was under Mel’s supervision and I assume the new owner has the same suppliers. Ask her.