The Week Ahead … and some Eastern Market news you might have missed

The Week Ahead….and some Eastern Market News you might have missed

by Larry Janezich

Here’s some Eastern Market news you might have missed.

The Market is getting some new signage – EMCAC has contracted with urban consultants Brick & Story to create new signage for the market.  Last Wednesday, the local company owned by Latoya Thomas, presented a selection of options to the Committee.  The consensus of the Committee was for signage as illustrated below: Click to enlarge.

New EMCAC member application – At the September 18 meeting of EMCAC, the membership committee will make a recommendation to the full committee regarding  the newly chartered Eastern Market Preservation and Development Corporation’s application for a seat on the Committee.   A previous organization with the same name – now defunct – is entitled by statute to a seat on the board.

Leases for South Hall Merchants – EMCAC agreed unanimously to recommend to DGS that the South Hall merchants have an extension of 120 days – until January 2, 2021 – to complete their appraisal’s of the market rate for rents which they should pay to DGS.  DGS had mandated that the process be complete by September 2.  A September 2017  appraisal by DGS met with vehement opposition from the merchants and was rejected by EMCAC .  DGS says the merchant’s appraisal – paid for out of pocket by the merchants themselves – will be used in in conjunction with the previous DGS appraisal  to set a rate for the new leases.

The annual Eastern Market Potluck Dinner – Wednesday, August 7 at 7:00pm, in the North Hall – more details to follow.

The Week Ahead…

Wednesday, July 31,

The Department of General Services is hosting a community meeting on the design for the Plaza at 7:00pm in the North Hall, Eastern Market.

Thursday, August 1

ANC6B hosts a community meeting to discuss the proposed restaurant complex for the 300 block of 7th Street, SE.  The restaurant is described as having three different concepts – not yet revealed – an will seat 230 on the interior and an additional 150 outside on the plaza.   The meeting will be at 7:00pm in the Club Lounge of the Residences at Eastern Market.  Enter at 700 C Street, SE.    

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