The Week Ahead….Rep. Norton at ANC6A on Thursday/DC Attorney General Karl Racine at ANC6D on Monday

The work of Capitol Hill artist Dick Cronin is on display at the Corner Store through October 20.  He developed his gift for depicting the exaggerated characteristic as art director at WETA and in 20 years at video post-production computer animation companies. 

The work spans his 40 year career as an artist and caricaturist.  The Corner Store (9th and South Carolina) exhibit is open Thursday, 5 – 8 and Sunday, 12 – 3, and by appointment – call David Weiner of the “21 Gessford Court Players” at 202 494 4435.  Photo credit:  Dick Cronin

The Week Ahead…

By Larry Janezich

Monday, September 9

ANC6D meets at 7:00pm, 1104 4th Street, SW

Among items on the draft agenda:

Commissioner Anthony Dale announces his last meeting as Commissioner of 6D05.

Special Presentation – DC Attorney General Karl Racine.

Public Safety Report- First District MPD (PSA 103, PSA 105 & PSA 106) Capt. Mongal, Capt. Dorrough.

Consent Agenda

SOME’s Trot for Hunger – Nov. 28.

Lansburgh Park Approval for Amplified Sound.

Richard Wright Charter School

Regular order:

Revel Moped Sharing – Revel Transit .

Parking Enforcement Issues – DPW.

Short-term Solutions for Greenleaf – Director Garrett.

Culture House CFA Application.

Randall School Update.

Dacha, 79 Potomac Avenue, SE.  Amendment to community agreement for Entertainment Endorsement.

Potomac Distilling, 1130 Maine Avenue, SW. Amendment to Community Agreement for third Summer Garden.

Sports Wagering.  Summary of policies/process+ABC Committee recommendation re criteria & information from Licensees. [Final rules adopted 8/22/19]

555 E Street, Establish Penthouse Bar & Restaurant.  Zoning adjustment application.

Digital Signage.  Letter of Support to Zoning & DCRA.

Notice of Intent to Install Cycle Track on P Street, SW, Removal of 26 RPP Spaces – DDOT.

Bethel Church Project, Curb Cut.

Tuesday, September 10

ANC6B meets at 7:00pm, in Hill Center, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

Among items on the draft agenda:

Ambar.  523 8th Street, SE – Substantial Change to liquor license application to expand to 3rd floor, adding 56 additional seating and increasing total occupancy from 140 to 196.

The Brig.  1007 8th Street, SE – Substantial Change to liquor license application to add sports wagering to their operations. Establishment will have two self-service kiosks, and geo-fenced applications for phones while on the premises.

Wine and Butter.  1023 East Capitol Street, SE – Substantial Change to liquor license, request for a Class Change from Retailer “B” to Retailer’s Class “B” Full-Service Grocery store.

Hine Restaurants. 320 7th Street, SE – New Retailer’s Class C Restaurant with a seating capacity of 230 and Total Occupancy Load of 400 and Summer Garden with 150 seats; Hours Of Operation For Inside Premises And Outside In Summer Garden: Sunday through Thursday 7am – 12am, Friday and Saturday 7am – 2am; Hours Of Alcoholic Beverage Sales, Service, And Consumption For Inside Premises And Outside In Summer Garden: Sunday through Thursday 8am – 12am, Friday and Saturday 8am – 2am.

District Soul Food Restaurant & Lounge. 500 8th Street, SE – Class “CR” Restaurant License Renewal.

Payne School Public Art – ANC support letter for grant application.

Eastern Market Metro Plaza Parks.  Public space permit for permanent improvements.

715 North Carolina Avenue, SE. Historic Preservation Application, concept approval to remove rear addition and construct new addition, convert from 2 unit to single family dwelling.

Congressional Cemetery, 1801 E Street, SE.  Historic preservation application, concept approval for one-side porch addition and associated paving;

Pineapple and Pearls. 715 8th Street, SE – Public Space Permit application to add furniture/equipment to cafe plans.

224 South Carolina Avenue, SE.  Zoning adjustment application for second story rear addition.

1429 D Street, SE.  Zoning adjustment application to permit a one-story existing accessory structure at the rear of an existing, attached principal dwelling unit.

Potential ANC 6B Map Amendment to rezone the triangle bounded by 11th Street, Southeast Freeway, and the Anacostia River from high intensity industrial uses (PDR-4) to medium density mixed use zoning.

Notice of Intent re installation of curbside bike and scooter parking “corral.”

Request to DDOT to Relieve Congestion at 3rd and Virginia Avenue, SE.

Wednesday, September 11

ANC6C meets at 7:00pm, Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Avenue, NE.

Among items on the draft agenda:

Streets Market. 51 M Street NE -New entertainment endorsement.

Brothers Burger Bar. 707 H Street NE – Change to Class C tavern license.

Town, 2.0.  1001 North Capitol Street, NE – Class C nightclub license.

2nd and F Streets, NE.  Micromobility Corral.

1st and K Streets, NE.  Proposed Capital Bikeshare Station.

300 block of M Street, NE.  Notice of intent to changes to bike lane.

215 G Street, NE, Logan School.  School bus operations.

1st and L Streets NE, Street, Storey Park.  Bay projections, new construction.

224 C Street, NE.  Zoning adjustment application to construct a one-story rear addition.

667 F Street, NE – Historic preservation application — Concept approval, garage, rear door, rear deck.

609 H Street, NE.   Zoning adjustment for a special exception for operation of a massage establishment.

310 5th Street, NE.  Special exceptions to construct a two-story rear addition.

215 G Street, NE, Logan School.  Revised application, modernization and addition.

NoMa Parks Foundation update.

K, L, M Street NE underpass encampments.

Historic police/fire call boxes.

New voting precinct in ANC6C.

Thursday, September 12

ANC6A meets at 7:00pm at Miner Elementary School, 601 Fifteenth Street, NE

Among items on the draft agenda:


Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) – 1D Representative and 5D Representative (TBD)

The Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton

Kitchen Cray, 1301 H Street, NE – Application for a new restaurant liquor license.

Dirty Water, 816 H Street, NE – Application for substantial change in liquor license to allow sports wagering to its operations.

Montana Liquors. 710 H Street, NE – Request to transfer license.

Smokin’Pig. 1208 H Street, NE – Request for license transfer application by Naomi’s Ladder.

Gold Room Bar/Lounge. 1370 H Street, NE – Liquor license application.

Duffy’s Irish Pub. 1016 H Street, NE – Request for substantial change to liquor license to add sports wagering to its operations.

Change in membership of Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee, i.e., the removal of Jay Williams, Reuben Baris, and Ramin Taheri; and addition of  Nicholas Alberti (as Co-Chair with Mark Samburg) and Laura Gentile.

1519 Constitution Avenue, NE – request for ANC support application to install a gate to access parking spaces at rear of establishment.

114 15th Street, NE –  Zoning adjustment to permit construction of a two-story rear addition to and existing principal dwelling.

901 H Street, NE –  Zoning adjustment to permit veterinary hospital use in the ground floor of mixed use residential property at this address.

1101 – 1107 H Street, NE –  Zoning application to change five properties on south side of 1100 block of H Street, NE, from NC-16 to NC-17.  4. Recommendation: ANC 6A send a letter of support to BZA for an application to rezone the five properties along the south side of the 1100 block of H Street NE from NC-16 to NC-17. ( The NC-16 zone is intended to permit mixed-use development at a moderate-density with an emphasis on the provision of retail uses.  The NC-17 zone is intended to permit mixed-use development at a moderate- to medium-density with an emphasis on the provision of retail uses.)

1356 North Carolina Avenue, NE –  Zoning adjustment to permit construction of a one story rear addition to and existing principal dwelling unit.

Horror on the Hill: Readings from His Hideous Heart with Dahlia Adler and Jessica Spotswood

7:00pm, at Historic Congressional Cemetery, 1801 E Street, SE.

East City Bookshop and Historic Congressional Cemetery welcome editor and author Dahlia Adler for an evening amongst the tombstones, featuring readings from His Hideous Heart, a collection of 13 retellings of Edgar Allen Poe’s most surprising, unsettling, and popular tales.  The event will be moderated by local author Jessica Spotswood. The event will be held at Historic Congressional Cemetery.

Friday, September 13

National Carousel Association holds a public Crank Organ Fest at Eastern Market North Hall, 5:30pm – 7:30pm. 

The fest is part of the Association’s annual convention in Washington, September 11 – 15.

A Street Organ (or Crank Organ) is a mobile mechanical pneumatic organ powered by an organ grinder turning the crank. We will have several different examples, with different mechanisms to create the notes, and playing different types of music and. The owners will play (crank) them and explain how they work. Guests may also try their hand at cranking. The key is to crank at a rate suited to the music.

Beer and Wine and soft drinks will be available for purchase.  For more info, see here:

Saturday, September 14

Friends of Southeast Library Book Sale.  10:00am – 3:00pm  At Southeast Library, lower level.


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