Trickling Springs Creamery Ceases Production – Will Close Outlets

Capitol Hill Trickling Springs Creamery outlet at 720 C Street, SE.

Trickling Springs Ceases Production – Will Close Outlets

by Larry Janezich

The Record Herald newspaper published in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, broke the news that Trickling Springs Creamery located in Chambersburg, PA, will close down plant operations today.

Trickling Springs has a dedicated customer base, attracted by the quality ice cream, milk and butter.  The 18 year old company has 100 employees and three retail outlets, including a stall at Union Market and a shop in the Hine Project across from Eastern Market.   These two will remain open for a short but indefinite time, presumably to dispose of inventory.

While a spokesman declined to comment on the reason for the closure, it may have been related to fraud allegations that stem from a lawsuit filed in late 2018.  See here:

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