Youth Stabbed at Capitol South Metro Suffers Life Threatening Injuries – Another Youth Arrested

MPD – including a homicide detective – at the scene of the arrest of an individual at 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue this afternoon.  Photo is at circa 2:20pm.

Youth Stabbed at Capitol South Metro Suffers Life Threatening Injuries – Another Youth Arrested

By Larry Janezich

According to MPD, a teenager was stabbed shortly before 1:00pm today at the Capitol South Metro Station.  According to press reports, he was not breathing when first responders arrived at the scene.

Police were searching for a young female in connection with the incident, described as 14 years old, black, with short dreadlocks and wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt.

At about 1:00pm this afternoon, police arrested an individual matching that description.  (Capitol Hill Corner witnessed the arrest.)  The young person (gender was not clear to the observer) was waiting at the bus stop on Pennsylvania Avenue on the west bound lane at the 8th Street intersection.  Officers approached and asked if s/he had gotten off the Metro.  The response, if any, was inaudible.  The officers instructed the person to kneel and place hands behind his or her back.  As the scene unfolded, more police arrived in marked and unmarked cars, until there were about 8 vehicles in and around the intersection.  It was not clear that this arrest was connected to the Capitol South Metro incident, other than by circumstance of time, place, and description.

Meanwhile, police had closed down the Capitol Hill South Metro Station as they investigated the incident and trains bypassed the station.

A circa 2:20pm, passing by the location of the arrest, police had put yellow crime scene tape around the area where the arrest had taken place.  A homicide detective was among the officers who were on the scene.

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