Update: Mayor Bowser’s Capitol Hill Walk Is Set for 3:30pm on Wednesday

Update/New Location:  Mayor Bowser’s Capitol Hill Walk Is Set for 3:30pm on Wednesday

by Larry Janezich

Mayor Bowser’s Capitol Hill Walk begins at the Rumsey Aquatic Center at 635 North Carolina Avenue, SE, behind Eastern Market, with a public safety press conference at 3:30pm on Wednesday.  This month’s press conference will concern efforts to reduce robberies – PSA 106 is third in MPD’s 1st District for robberies and first for burglaries.  Other issues likely to come up include the behavioral health and substance abuse problems on the 400 block of Barracks Row and encampments and issues related to those experiencing homelessness, especially those who frequent Seward Square.

The walk is an opportunity for community members, businesses, and ANC commissioners to engage the Mayor on pressing issues and concerns, and will include Eastern Market, Seward Square, the Eastern Market Metro Park Project, and Barracks Row, before ending at Tyler Elementary School.  All district agency directors and deputy mayors or their representatives are expected to attend to provide context to problems and propose solutions.



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3 responses to “Update: Mayor Bowser’s Capitol Hill Walk Is Set for 3:30pm on Wednesday

  1. Jamin Jimmy

    Is this a joke? The mayor’s office schedules it so that anyone who works can’t come and question her?

    I’ve worked in politics long enough to see what she’s going and it’s frustrating that she can always get away with it. If Bowser did this on a Saturday or at 5pm she would have a much bigger audience but that’s not what why want. They are checking a box to say they did a neighborhood walk.