ANC6B Commissioner Kasie Clark Resigns

ANC6B Commissioner Kasie Clark, at the February meeting of ANC6B, which she announced would be her last meeting.

ANC6B Commissioner Kasie Clark Resigns

by Larry Janezich

ANC6B09 Commissioner Kasie Clark has resigned as the representative of single member district, ANC6B09. Yesterday’s District of Columbia Register posted a notice from the Board of Elections certifying the vacancy.  Clark had made it known in February she would resign in March owing to her relocation out of the District.  Her Single Member District (SMD 6B09) abuts part of Reservation 13 to the east and includes half of Barney Circle, the old Boys and Girls Club – currently under development, and Congressional Cemetery.  Clark was elected in 2018, for the two year term ending January 1, 2021.

Clark, is currently a program Director at College to Congress – a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more diverse and effective Congress by financially supporting full time Congressional interns with members of Congress.

A major concern of the 6B09 will be the redevelopment of Barney Circle, currently being planned by the District Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.  Other issues include the development of Reservation 13, the first phase of which is now under construction, discussion and community input on the future of DC Jail, and the problems associated with the high volume of commuter traffic through the community.  The on-going struggle with pop-ups – which are tolerated outside of the Historic District, often over the objections of neighbors, will likely heat up as the city looks for ways to increase density to address the lack of affordable housing. In 2010, ANC opposition quashed a bid to establish a Barney Circle Historic District, but as of now, there is nothing indicating an attempt to revive that effort.  The SMD has a few commercial establishments on 15th Street, but is free from the headaches sometimes brought to the ANC by liquor licenses.

The usual procedure for filling the seat once declared vacant is by special election at a time and place determined by the ANC.  Candidates must submit a qualifying petition signed by 25 6B09 SMD residents to the Board of Elections.  If only one qualified candidate emerges, the usual procedure is for the ANC to declare that candidate the new commissioner. Capitol Hill Corner will post the details as they become available.

A map of ANC6B is below showing the boundaries of Single Member District 6B09.

ANC6B – Click to enlarge

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