The Week Ahead…and Some Photos from the Week Past


The Hill Rag moved out of offices across the street from Eastern Market on April 30.  Capital Community News Managing Editor Andrew Lightman said when the staff had to go home, it made no sense to continue paying rent, especially since the lease was up.  The Rag had been at the location for 35 years.  Lightman says the staff will continue to telework through December, but he hopes to return to the area then, perhaps on the 600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, or Barracks Row, or even the old digs on 7th Street – if it’s been renovated.

Sam Ford, Bureau Chief at WJLA News, files a post mortem on the demise of Montmartre and 7th Hill Pizza (sans signs).

The Barrack Row 7-11 has closed temporarily and is getting a badly needed renovation.

Construction continues on the New Southwest Library on I Street, SW, a couple of blocks from the DMV Inspection Center, just beyond the under-construction Randall School Arts Center.  The $18 million project will feature 22,000 square feet of public space, providing spaces for reading, a community meeting room, three conference rooms, four study rooms, separate areas for children, teens, and adults, an outdoor reading porch, and an Innovation Lab with 3-D printers.

Last Thursday afternoon, this guerrilla musician jazz trombonist busker appeared at 7th and PA Avenue, SE.  He used his instrument like a shoulder mounted rocket launcher.  You had to appreciate his choreography.

U.S. Capitol was serene at 4:20pm on Sunday afternoon of the Memorial Day weekend.

The Week Ahead…and Some Photos from the Week Past

by Larry Janezich

Tuesday, May 26

ANC6B’s Executive Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm to set the agenda for the June meeting of ANC6B and for committee meetings prior to the full ANC meeting.  There also will be a discussion on whether and how to set up and manage a special 6B grant program during the public emergency. The Executive Committee meeting will be via WebEx and details on joining are on the 6B website, here

PSA 106 holds a virtual meeting at 6:30pm with Captain Pulliam.  Access the meeting via WebEx, access code 475 902 150 and password BgBnKBQJ795. MPD is expected to give an update on the May 9th shootings at 12th and K Streets, SE.

Thursday, May 28

Virtual Community Meeting to hear the developer of 1333 M Street introduce the Planned Unit Development – 13 story mixed use project – to the community.  For more on the project, see here:

Zoom meeting info here:


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2 responses to “The Week Ahead…and Some Photos from the Week Past

  1. Greg Turner

    thanx for the pics and your ongoing detailed updates

  2. Jim Simpson

    The 7-11 can be renovated to a fare the well. If the ownership/management continues to allow it to be an attractive nuisance, what’s the use? For 3 plus decades it has been a disgusting chancre on the community.