ANC6B Commissioner Kelly Waud Will Not Seek Reelection

ANC6Bi07 Commissioner Kelly Waud

ANC6B Commissioner Kelly Waud Will Not Seek Reelection

by Larry Janezich

June 17, 2020

ANC6B07 Commissionr Kelly Waud announced last week, that she would not seek reelection.  Waud told Capitol Hill Corner, “I’m not running again for the usual reasons… ANC is a big time commitment and I would rather contribute to the community in other, hands-on, direct ways.”

Waud became commissioner in April of 2018, succeeding Commissioner Aimee Grace who resigned earlier that year.  She was reelected to a two year term in November, 2018.

Waud has been an active commissioner, pushing the city to complete the redevelopment of the Potomac Avenue pocket parks, raising questions about the effect of the Southwest Boulevard and the proposed Bus Transit Support Facility on her single member district, lobbying the Department of Transportation of dangerous intersections at Potomac/Pennsylvania/14th Street, SE and at the 11th  Street, SE/395 off ramp.

She has taken a particular interest in Hopkins Apartments, working with Abena Disroe, President of the Hopkins Resident Council, to build the Hopkins community gardens, and starting a Go Fund Me page for Disroe when she lost everything to a fire.

When Congressional Aviation expressed interest in building a heliport at 11th and Water Street, Waud helped organize a public meeting where residents expressed their concerns about noise and the lack of community involvement in the decision process.  The proposed project does not appear to have advanced.

Recently she has worked to mobilize her single member district to participate in the negotiations for community benefits and amenities under the Planned Unit Development of the massive mixed use project on the Anacostia waterfront at 1333 M Street.

She also joined other 6B commissioners in changing the ANC’s bylaws to allow for grant making during the declared COVID health emergency; the ANC is setting up a task force to establish a process and criteria for grants that will benefit the community.

Waud told her constituents in an email, “It has been an honor to serve you and I am proud of the work we have accomplished. I am happy to talk with anyone who has an interest in running about what they should expect from the role, please feel free to reach out by email.”

6B07 is a diverse single member district, including the commercial strip on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, Harris Teeter, the Potomac Avenue pocket parks, Potomac Gardens, and Hopkins Apartments.  The district borders the major CAS Riegler mixed use retail/150 – 180 apartments at 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, currently under construction, and is seeing other new residential construction as evidenced by plans for a multi- residential building in the in 1300 Block of K Street, SE, as well at the project at 1333 M Street.

Petitions for the November 3, 2020 General Election for ANC will be available on June 26, 2020 here:


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2 responses to “ANC6B Commissioner Kelly Waud Will Not Seek Reelection

  1. The6Fan

    Kelly Waud is a great Commissioner. It will be a big loss to ANC 6B to lose her, but the enormous time commitment required is an understandable reason to not pursue re-election. I’m very impressed at the high quality of dedicated service from ANCs when the job can be very demanding and thankless. Thanks so so much Kelly.

  2. Curious

    What is happening with the other 6B ANCs? (Ed. Note. There is currently one seat vacant: Kasie Clark, Commissioner for ANC6B09, resigned in March, and the public health emergency and closure of the Board of Elections prevented an election from being held within the time frame allowed. Commissioners from adjacent single member districts are picking up the slack. The seat will be open in the November election. Other commissioners on ANC6B have not announced their intention regarding re election.)