Near Eastern Market:  Opening, Reopening, and Opening Soon

Near Eastern Market:  Opening, Re—opening, and Opening Soon

by Larry Janezich

July 3, 2020

Captain Cookie opened up shop yesterday next to Peregrine Espresso on the 300 block of 7th Street, SE. Here’s the link to their website:


Sephora Studios at 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue re-opened today after closing in March owing to the spread of COVID-19.

Moorenko’s, a premium ice cream will open its first location in DC this summer in the space formerly occupied by Trickling Springs Creamery at 720 C Street, SE. The opening was first reported by Eater DC – visit Moorenko’s website here:


My Cake Theory will succeed the Dawn Price Baby Store which closed in 2019 at 325 7th Street, SE. This is the venture’s first brick and mortar outlet. Find out more about it here:


And the Eastern Market Metro Plaza Playground is finished; the opening is awaiting a nod from the Department of General Services and could come any day. (Update.  It’s open.)



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4 responses to “Near Eastern Market:  Opening, Reopening, and Opening Soon

  1. Everyone who can should bring a jug of water up to the new park to water the trees that are dying. It’s easy to tell which ones…their leaves are brown.

  2. Mark Ugoretz

    If the leaves are brown, the tree is dead. Water will not bring it back to life.

  3. Maggie Hall

    Oh, goodie! Ice-cream, milk, cookies, cake and more ice-cream… well, I suppose we should be thankful there aren’t more nail salons heading our way!

  4. w

    Unmasked customers not social distancing (3 of 4 in pic). Hard pass. This seems so obvious in difficult times for any business.