SE Safeway  Opens August 12 & ANC6B Urges Renaming Brent and Tyler Schools 

Open of the new SE Safeway is apparently closer than it looks in this photo from today, July 15.

SE Safeway  Opens August 12 & ANC6B Urges Renaming Brent and Tyler Schools

By Larry Janezich

July 15, 2020

ANC6B Commissioner Chander Jayaraman told the Commission at its July meeting last night that the Southeast Safeway would reopen on Wednesday, August 12.  Jayaraman, who chairs the ANC6B Alcohol Beverage Committee, said he had talked to Safeway management toddy.  He reported that the new Safeway liquor outlet will be open from 7:00am until midnight, but will not serve alcohol on site.    In an email to CHC, he said, “I know that many of my neighbors have been waiting for nearly two years to have it back.”   Jayaraman is a candidate for a member at large seat on the DC City Council.

In other news, ANC6B took up a measure supporting the renaming of Brent and Tyler elementary schools.  The resolution was offered by Commissioner Corey Holman, and after agreeing to strip out some of the blunt language characterizing Robert Brent and John Tyler, the Commission voted 8 – 0 – 0 to support city council legislation requiring a citywide review of school names.

The commission then passed – by a vote on 5 – 2 – 1 – a second resolution, asserting that Brent and Tyler should be named after “inspiring figures” as soon as possible in support of efforts of students, parents, leadership, or parent-teacher associations to change the name of their schools.

In other action the Commission:

  • Voted 8 – 0 to request DDOT to temporarily convert selected parking lanes to pedestrian walkways on Barracks Row.
  • Voted 7 – 1 – 0 to provide $15,000 grant to the non-profit Serve Our City for humanitarian aid and safety support, including education equipment, protective equipment, and other products related to humanitarian assistance and its distribution.
  • Voted 8 – 0 – 0 to provide a $5,000 grant for the non-profit Shirley’s Place Day Hospitality Center, located at 1338 G Street, SE, to buy winter clothing for the homeless.  (Last month, the Commission has allocated $45,000 of its administrative reserve for grants to organizations providing humanitarian relief in Ward 6.)

The Commission’s ad hoc grants committee said several other requests for grants are pending and may be considered in a special call meeting in coming days.

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One response to “SE Safeway  Opens August 12 & ANC6B Urges Renaming Brent and Tyler Schools 

  1. Golem

    I’m no sure what the point is of renaming Tyler and Brent schools since you probably can’t find 10 people on the street who know who Tyler or Brent were. My choice is Tadeusz Kościuszko since he was a great and inspiring Polish general who fought with Washington in the Revolutionary war and because it would teach children how to spell.