The Barracks Row Street Clock Is Back

The Barracks Row Street Clock, Thursday evening, August 6.

Thursday morning, Barracks Row, circa 7:45am.

The Barracks Row Street Clock Is Back

by Larry Janezich

August 8, 2020

Barracks Row’s early 20th Century-style street clock – the victim of an early morning car crash in December, 2019 – has been restored to its original position in front of 520 8th Street, formerly Orchid, and before that, Senart’s Oyster House.

The clock was a gift to Barracks Row Main Street in 2011 by 9th Street residents Karl and Carrol Kindel and former Barracks Row restaurateur Xavier Cerveras.  The idea originated with the Kindels according to Sharon Bosworth, Marketing Manager, Barracks Row Main Street; “Karl loves clocks and simply wanted to have one in his neighborhood.” The Hill Restaurant group inherited the responsibility for maintenance when Cervera’s restaurants changed hands.

Karl Kindel says, “Carrol and I bought the original clock, the Hill Restaurant Group paid for the (extensive) construction of the base and the electrical hook-up.   Barracks Row Mainstreet had the foresight to insure the clock as part of its signage package with the insurance company.  That insurance paid for the new clock.  There is a new plaque installed that indicates that.”

Bosworth said at the time of the original installation, “As a nonprofit, BRMS could not afford to have it installed and to pay for maintenance and insurance.  Xavier Cervera, … volunteered to do the installation and to cover the maintenance and liability.”

Manufactured by the Verdin Co of Cincinnati, Ohio, founded in 1842, the clock is made of aluminum, finished in black with touches of gold detailing.  Roman numerals represent the hours and the hands of the clock have traditional spade-shaped tips.


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3 responses to “The Barracks Row Street Clock Is Back

  1. Maggie Hall

    Such good news! Wonderful to have the Kindel-Clock, back in place, tick-tocking away. It adds such a lovely old-tyme charm to 8th Street. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have missed it, this last seven months.

  2. wdriver

    We saved the original clock. we tried to reach out to figure out who to give it to. We still have it if someone would want the original (the owners). we’ve had it up the street since the morning of the accident. It got stuck under the car and tangled up so we brought it back to make sure it didn’t get destroyed. let me know!

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