Construction to Close Most of Eastern Market Metro Plaza Starting this Month

Construction to Close Most of Eastern Market Metro Plaza Starting this Month

by Larry Janezich

Thursday night, DGS Project Manager for the Eastern Market Metro Plaza renovation conducted a virtual briefing for the community on the construction plan for Phase 2 of the Eastern Market Plaza Renovation Project, which includes the parcel where the entrance to Metro is located.

Council Member Charles Allen participated, saying he was excited at this new step, and reiterated his goal of making the plaza “a place to walk to, rather than a place to walk through.”  He pointed to how the community comes together at the nearly-complete playground and said that the renovation of Parcel 2 and the Southeast Library, (which will begin in late 2021) will be the final pieces in making the plaza a phenomenal space. 

Here’s the construction time line for Phase 2.

  • Most of the space on Parcel 4 where lies the entrance to the Metro will be closed by a construction fence starting later this month. Construction begins in October and ends in April 2021. 
  • Also fenced, Parcels 3&6 (north and south triangles at 8th and PA Ave) – construction begins in October and ends in February of 2021. 
  • All landscaping will be installed beginning in March of 2021. 
  • ADA ramps, sidewalks, and “bump outs” (narrows crosswalks and slows traffic) will be constructed as they are reviewed and approved.  The community will be given two weeks’ notice of construction.
  • Artists for the 3-D interactive artwork which will be a feature of Parcel 4 will submit concepts by October 15. 
  • There will be a “table top” (an extended speed bump) to connect the Southeast Library to the Plaza.

In addition, the weeks ahead will see the close out of Phase 1, Parcel 1, containing the playground.  Remaining work:

  • Install shade structure over the playground starting October 5 requiring the closure of the playground for five days.
  • Completion of the 9th Street water connection will take at least two more weeks.
  • Installation of the monumental wayfinding panel in mid-October.
  • Replacement of dead trees and plants will take place in mid-October.
  • Installation of handrails at the step east of the board walk. 

Go here for the October 1 PowerPoint presentation

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