The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Week Past

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Week Past

By Larry Janezich

Posted October 18, 2020

The Week Ahead…

Monday, October 19

ANC 6A Transportation and Public Space Committee holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For information on joining the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Announcement of opportunity for community input on moveDC, the District’s long-range transportation plan.
  • Consideration of additional pedestrian/traffic safety issues, as suggested by commissioners and community members (see list at end of document) – this will be taken out of order or postponed to allow time for adequate discussion of time-sensitive new business items.
  • Public space application at 205 15th Street, NE, for exception from fence requirement and an 8×10 ft. accessory building in public space.
  • Presentation, by Marcy Bernbaum of the Downtown DC Public Restroom Colleagues, on the opportunity for ANCs to suggest pilot locations for public restrooms pursuant to the Public Restroom Facilities Installation and Promotion Act of 2018. Consideration of proposing a pilot site on the H Street corridor. [link to basic information provided by People for Fairness Coalition (PFC):

Additional Pedestrian/Traffic Safety Discussion/Consideration List

  • Making Acute Angle Intersections Safer – Drivers make fast turns from diagonal streets (NC/TN/MD) onto letter/number streets. Requesting raised crosswalks/speed humps/bulbouts/traffic calming
  • Intersection of A Street and North Carolina Avenue NE – most hazardous aspect is traffic traveling east on North Carolina Avenue and turning in on A Street.
  • 1100 and 1200 block of F Street, NE
  • 1300 block of G Street NE, south of Maryland Avenue, NE
  • 200 block of 9th Street NE traffic calming. Look for message from DDOT –Mike
  • Traffic on the 200 block of 9th Street NE; residents believe that the timing of the lights makes this a faster – and therefore preferred route over 8th Street. Request adjusting the lights ((rather than speed humps) due to noise and vibration.
  • Concerns that discouraging truck traffic on 10th and 12th Streets will increase such traffic on 11th Street, NE.

Tuesday, October 20

ANC6B’s Barrack’s Row Working holds a virtual meeting at 6:30pm. 

For information on joining the meeting, go here:


This meeting will focus on COVID-19 issues such as social distancing, loan/grants and preparing for winter.

Presentations: Q & A with District Agencies

1. Jennifer McCahill from the Mayor’s Office of Nightlife & Culture.

2. Andre DeFrank – Community Engagement with DDOT (Tentative)

3. Representative from Great Streets and Retail

4. The Office of the Deputy, Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (Tentative)

5. Tyler Williams – Ward 6 Liaison Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services

6. Representative from the Department of Public Space (Tentative)

Wednesday, October 21

ANC6A Economic Development & Zoning Committee holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For information on joining the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda: 

  • 909-911 I Street, NE – Zoning Adjustment Application for special exceptions to allow the construction of two new, attached, three-story flats with a penthouse. 
  • 722 19th Street, N – Zoning Adjustment Application special exceptions to allow construction of a second-story rear deck addition to an existing semidetached principal dwelling.
  • 1250 Constitution Avenue, NE – Zoning Adjustment Application for a special exception under the off-site parking spaces requirements to relocate 8 of the required parking spaces to the adjacent street to enlarge the outdoor play area at Maury Elementary School.
  • 1447 Maryland Avenue, NE – Zoning Adjustment Application for a special exception from the minimum parking requirements to construct a two-story addition to permit a mixed-use building with 9 residential units.

Capitol Hill Restoration Society Preservation Café:  “Homicide on the Hill”.  Author Robert Pohl will present a Halloween special at this virtual Preservation Café. 

“Homicide on The Hill”, Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 6:30 pm.

Like every neighborhood, Capitol Hill has had its share of murders in its long history. Even the white-domed Capitol has been the location of a brutal murder, though the more usual backdrop for such events were the alleys and hovels in the poorer sections of the neighborhood.

Call in number: 415-655-0001

Meeting password: 42556933#

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