Artwork Selected for Eastern Market Metro Plaza

Artwork Selected for Eastern Market Metro Plaza

by Larry Janezich

Posted November 18, 2020

This afternoon, Diego Garcia, Project Manager for Eastern Market Metro Plaza renovation issued the following statement:  “I’m pleased to announce that after the final round of voting, the winning artist for the Eastern Market Metro Park artwork installation is Jay Coleman with his concept submission of two hands making a heart.

In terms of next steps, DGS will be working to contractually bring Jay Coleman on board. From there, DGS will work with Jay to develop a design schedule that will incorporate opportunities for DGS, DPR, and the EMMPAT to provide feedback at different intervals in the design. 

I’m looking forward to working with everyone on this art work and delivering a final product that the Capitol Hill community will be proud of!” 

Members of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza Advisory Taskforce went through several rounds of voting, leading to the final sellection.


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2 responses to “Artwork Selected for Eastern Market Metro Plaza

  1. Lisa Olympia Buono

    Thank you for this brightness today Larry. The combination of the winning photo and your accompanying text after a day of confronting more irretrievable and sadly heisted pieces of daily life today, this seems like a gift of salve to look forward to. It also sort of graciously reminds me of The Awakening that resided at Hain’s Point. LOB

  2. Wendy

    Can you describe the actual size, and how high up from the ground it will be raised? It could be wonderful. It could be unbearable. Editors Note: In a word, TBD.