Mayor Bowser Announces New COVID Restrictions

Mayor Bowser Announces New COVID Restrictions

by Larry Janezich

 Posted Monday, November 23, 2020

Mayor Bowser, responding to an increasing number of COVID infections in the city and the nationwide surge in the number of cases, today announced new restrictions in an attempt to flatten the curve and reduce the need for hospitalizations. 

Starting Wednesday, November 25:

Restaurants may stay open until midnight, but alcohol sales, service, and consumption (excluding carry-out and delivery) must end at 10:00 p.m. [Effective Monday, December 14, The maximum indoor capacity of restaurants is reduced from 50% to 25%.]

Indoor gatherings may not exceed ten people.  This applies to indoor home gatherings as well as any indoor gathering that is not subject to other rules (e.g. restaurants and houses of worship).

The number of people inside houses of worship indoors at any one time is reduced from 100 people to 50 people.  Maximum allowable capacity is reduced from 50% to 25%.  The lower of these two numbers is the maximum capacity at any one time indoors for houses of worship. Virtual services, rather than in-person services, continue to be encouraged.

The limit for outdoor gatherings is reduced from 50 to 25 people.

Non-essential, non-retail businesses are strongly encouraged to continue telework. 

Gyms, private trainers, and other businesses and recreation centers must suspend all indoor group exercise classes and all outdoor group exercise classes of 25 or more people. [A Mayor’s Order and guidance on sports and recreation will be forthcoming.]

The live entertainment pilot is temporarily suspended.  Entities previously granted a waiver for the live entertainment pilot will be contacted about their ability to proceed with acts or performances that have already been booked.




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