Update on Eastern Market Metro Plaza Park

Update on Eastern Market Metro Plaza Park

by Larry Janezich

Posted December 3, 2020

DGS gave the members of the Eastern Market Metro Park Advisory Taskforce (EMMPAT) a project update on Wednesday, offering details on work which will be done during December on Parcel 4 where the Metro entrance is.  That work will include utility and foundations, sidewalk replacement along Pennsylvania Avenue and D Street, SE, new ADC ramps and pavers, and curb improvements on 7th Street. 

Work is also underway on the triangular parks – Parcels 3 & 4.  The D Street SE extensions in front of Trader Joe’s and the former Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Donuts which provided access to Pennsylvania Avenue both west and east bound have been closed and will be closed permanently.  The project is scheduled for completion in April of 2021. 

Next week, the design team is meeting with artist Jay Coleman – winner of the Metro Park public art competition with his concept of “Joyful Hands”, to discuss issues of size, materials, color, siting and timeline.  Coleman will appear at the next EMMPAT virtual meeting on December 17 to provide an update on his concept and to take questions.  One of the key decisions will be the base for the piece.  Some Advisory Team members are in favor of a stronger vertical element – a higher base – to create a greater sense of presence. A link for joining the meeting will be widely distributed to encourage public participation.  There was also a discussion about community support for additional pieces of public art for the project. 

For more information on the project, go here:  https://dgs.dc.gov/page/eastern-market-metro-park-project

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