The Week Ahead… And More Protest Art from Fearless Girls 2020

“Replace the Emancipation Memorial with Stepping into his Shoes” is in a fire call box at 7th and East Capitol.

Laura Lyster-Mensh a local author and podcaster, is searching for the Fearless Girls 2020 artist(s) to interview them, anonymously or pseudonymously, for a podcast she hosts called the Auldton Laughing Club Podcast. 

She says, “Something about these pieces speak to me almost personally, as their topics and energy feels very of this moment and this place. They have changed how I walk around and what I see, and I am grateful.

I would love to find others who are watching for these pieces, and to identify others, and if possible the artist(s).”

So far, protest sculptures have been spotted at 5th and Constitution, NE; 6th and Independence, SE; 7th and East Capitol; 4th and East Capitol; 2nd and E Streets, SE; and 3rd and Independence, SE.

The Week Ahead… And More Protest Art from Fearless Girls 2020

Monday, December 28

ANC6A Transportation Committee holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For information on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the agenda:

Public Space Permit Application – Modernization of Goding Elementary School including paving, landscaping, fixtures, projections.  Representatives from DCPS will present details of the project and discussion.

Traffic Safety Assessment Request for 1300 North Carolina Avenue, NE, and 1300 A Street, NE, including consideration of request for raised crosswalks and/or speed humps.

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