Canales Delicatessen at Eastern Market Is Under New Management

Canales Delicatessen at Eastern Market Is Under New Management

by Larry Janezich

Posted February 3, 2021

After 38 years operating his deli at Eastern Market, Jose Canales has sold Canales Delicatessen.  The new owner is Marcello Maturano who owns The Delly in Fairfax.  The signing of a new ten year lease at Eastern Market cleared the way for the sale.  Canales cited his difficulties with the city as one reason behind his decision to sell the business.  The city first suggested a three year lease.  Carnales says he was successful in upping the timing to ten years, but it came with a 330% increase in rent – the highest in the Market.  As present, he says, the deli is the only business in Eastern Market which has a signed lease.  Another reason is that after 38 years and the demands of the business, he is ready to step back and spend more time with his family.

Canales said he had mixed feelings about leaving the Market – “It has been blessed for me – watching kids in the neighborhood grow up – meeting great people who became friends and not just customers – you get attached.”  He will be around for two weeks to help with the transition.  After that, you can find him at Tortilla Café, across the street, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, helping out his daughter Catalina, who owns and runs that operation.  


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7 responses to “Canales Delicatessen at Eastern Market Is Under New Management

  1. Rick

    Is this the type of rent increase all the vendors face when they finally sign leases? If so, you can kiss the market good by as a place residents shop for food and welcome new vendors who sell stuff aimed at the tourists. What was the point of a $300K marketing study if rents like this are the result?

    • John

      Of course, if the market were open more than 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, then people might actually shop there. But with the current hours, who really cares?

  2. Craig D'Ooge

    Smart move. How he put up with it for so long is a testimony to Sr. Canales’ fortitude. Look for the brothers to follow.

  3. Enrica Crescenzi

    So, is the new owner paying the 330% increase in rent? If so, then prices at the deli counter will surely go up significantly. Not a win for customers!

  4. Not sure we have the entire picture/. Missing from the story is some context — what was the rent, did it go up 330%, what does the Eastern Mkt. management say, etc. That said, Jose Canales will be missed. My go-to stand for pulled pork, tortillas, and tamales.

  5. Mike Bowers

    We wish Mr. Canales all the best and welcome Mr. Maturano!

  6. Shelley Temchin

    As 35+-year customers we will miss Señor Canales, not just for the wonderful food but also for the thoughtful service and the friendly conversation.
    Many thanks and best wishes to the whole team,
    Shelley Temchin and Tom Parker