DC Will Revamp Vaccine Appointment Process in March

DC Will Revamp Vaccine Appointment Process in March

by Larry Janezich

Posted February 11, 2021

Mayor Bowser held a situational briefing today to announce some forthcoming changes in the vaccine registration process and other vaccine related news.  Here are the highlights:

  • In early March, the registration process will be updated to allow individuals to sign up to be notified when there is vaccine available to them. Tier eligibility, zip code and timing of registration will be the three criteria (an “equity lens”) which will determine when those who are registered will be eligible to receive an appointment and DOH will notify registrants accordingly.  Once a group of registrants is notified, people in the group will have a limited amount of time to accept or decline.  If they accept, they can schedule appointment at a place convenient for them.  Then the DOH will notify the next group as vaccine becomes available. 
  • Next week’s allotment of vaccine will be 14,275 doses – up 50 % from two weeks ago.
  • Approximately 40% of seniors will be vaccinated by the end of this week and 70% by the end of February. Grocery store employees will become eligible next month, including small groceries and delis. 
  • Friday (February 12) morning, 2500 doses will be available to seniors and health care workers in all zip codes. Web portal appointments have gone faster than phone call appointments. 
  • DOH has asked FEMA to supply and administer vaccine to federal employees including Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, the Postal Service, Federal Reserve and WMATA.
  • Next week will see an adjustment in time regarding when the web portal and phone bank will open, since 9:00am is not convenient for everyone.
  • Last night, the DC Department of Health was notified by the CDC that three cases of the UK variant and one case of the South African variant have been found in the District. There are likely more cases, since not all cases are examined for genetic sequencing – only a sample.  Dr. Nesbitt urged continuing use of masks and social distancing. 

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