Mayor Bowser Update: Preregistration, Parking Enforcement, Relaxed Restrictions Coming

Mayor Bowser Update:  Preregistration, Parking Enforcement, Relaxed Restrictions Coming

by Larry Janezich

  • Today marks one year since declaration of Public Health Emergency.
  • Yesterday, 77,141 preregistered – 33,098 were those not eligible yet.
  • On Friday, DC Department of Health will send out 13,550 invitations to sign up for a vaccination, randomly selected from those eligible preregistered individuals.
  • Those registered by 11:59pm on Thursday night – or any future night before the invitations go out – will be in the pool from which randomized selections will be drawn.
  • No one will be turned away from a vaccination appointment because of a lack of documentation.
  • Health care providers also have vaccine.  (One reader of CHC after receiving an invitation to book an appointment recently said he arranged an appointment at a Medstar facility near Nats Park by calling 833-205-1553, and added that many appointments were available.)
  • CDC recommendations for how fully vaccinated individuals (2 weeks after the last shot) can interact can be found here:  Scroll down to the section which starts on page 12.

On other matters: 

Parking has started to be enforced by DPW.

No parking in school zones will be enforced starting next Monday. From March 15 through March 19, warning tickets will be issued – no fines, but vehicles could be relocated (call 311 to locate the vehicle in that case).   $25 tickets will be issued starting March 22.

Full parking enforcement will be phased in gradually.

Here’s what’s being enforced:

  • No parking is school zones.
  • Non-commercial vehicles illegally parked in commercial loading zones.
  • Large vehicles (22 feet +) illegally parked next to a recreational park, school, church, or residential domicile.
  • Safety violations – parking near bike lanes, cross walks, fire hydrant, etc.

Here’s what’s not being enforced:

  • Emergency No Parking violations (vehicles may be relocated).
  • Expired DC license plate and inspection stickers.
  • Expired Residential Parking Permits.
  • Expired Meters.
  • Vehicle booting and towing.

Asked about relaxed restrictions in MD, Mayor Bowser said that sometimes Maryland and Virginia have done things at the state level which do not translate to the county level – and what happens in the counties surrounding us has been the most concern.

DC Department of Health is taking a look at the restrictions and the Mayor said she will talk next Monday about loosening some Phase 2 restrictions.  And more as spring unfolds. 

An announcement on restrictions on access to the Tidal Basin cherry blossoms will be announced soon.


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4 responses to “Mayor Bowser Update: Preregistration, Parking Enforcement, Relaxed Restrictions Coming

  1. Daniel Buck

    There is no reason that parking regulations cannot be enforced in general.. It’s outdoor work, with little or no interaction with the public.

    Other city services like trash collecting, street salting, street repair, and car inspection continue (had our car inspected last month — I was in and out in 15 minutes). Other service operations from DC Water, Wash Gas, and Pepco, continue. Not to mention building construction, tree trimming, and just about everything else.

    Using COVID as an excuse to avoid parking enforcement is nonsensical.

    Now, here’s the kicker, the absurdity of what the city is saying: parking enforcement has been operating outside the limited scope it had previously announced, albeit in a haphazard way. I’ve seen parking enforcement vehicles all over Capitol Hill on a regular basis, and, for example, cars ticketed for expired meters around the Eastern Market.

  2. Voracious

    Agree. I’m also wondering if the inspection station is going to be inundated with vehicles once they start re-enforcing the expired sticker violations. I did my inspection recently on a Saturday morning. Normally there would be long lines on a Saturday but I was the only person there. clearly a lot of people are procrastinating since no ones forcing them to do it right now.

  3. Bowserville Sucks

    DC is raising the RPP fee and yet allowing Maryland and Virginia commuters to take up most of the spaces on the blocks surrounding my home all day. Makes perfect sense in the Upsidedown of Bowserworld.

    • Daniel Buck

      Non-DC residents illegally parking on our residential streets has been a problem pretty much city-wide for decades. Locals need to pester their city council rep and the Parking Enforcement people for action. In fact, if you see a Parking Enforcement officer in your neighborhood, alert him/her where the offending cars are parked. We live in a DIY world.