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Councilmember Charles Allen on Fencing, Tax Increase on the Wealthy & Redistricting

Councilmember Charles Allen on Fencing, Tax Increase on the Wealthy & Redistricting

by Larry Janezich

Last night, CM Charles Allen joined a virtual meeting of ANC6D to talk about Ward 6 issues.  He said the 3-4 mile fence around the US Capitol complex impacts everybody in Ward 6 and called it “absolutely ludicrous”.   He said that pressure for change should be focused on the Congressional Leadership – Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer – and the Architect of the Capitol as being those who will make a final decision on removing the fence.  Allen is working the Representative Norton and Mayor Bowser to fight hard and push back.  He says the city must speak with one unanimous voice saying, “this has got to end”. 

(Yesterday, a report on a review of Capitol security by retired Army Lt. Gen Russel Honore recommended among other measures, installation of “retractable fencing” which would allow public access to the Capitol Grounds.  On Saturday, March 13, a peaceful protest against the fence is being planned for 10:00am – see The Hill Is Home article here:

On another matter, Allen is going to try again to raise the income tax on DC’s wealthy.  He says that the pandemic has hit the city so unequally – if you have a job or are in the stock market you’re doing fine – but some DC residents are still hurting and “feeling deep deep pain”.   Allen says he will push to ask something from high income earners – $45 a month from people making $500,000 or over, with those funds redirected to needs such as affordable housing and child care.  In July of 2020, the City Council voted 8 to 5 to reject an Allen proposal for a modest tax increase on incomes higher than $250,000.    

Things have changed since Allen’s last comments on redistricting in February.  Redistricting was to have begun with receipt of data from the Census Bureau at end of March, but this year, that has been pushed off until the end of September.  Afterward, the City Council will have 90 days to approve new Ward Boundaries – probably in mid-December.    

The city’s total population will be divided by 8 to establish an average.  Regulations require that each ward be plus or minus 5% of the average number.  The City Council’s Redistricting Subcommittee (comprised of at-large members – Bonds, Henderson, Silverman) will hold public hearings about which boundaries need to move to achieve the population goals.

During January, February and March of 2022, ANC boundaries within each ward will be redrawn by a committee selected by the Councilmember for the Ward.  Allen said he would likely follow the lead of his predecessor, Tommy Wells, in not appointing sitting ANC Commissioners to the committee.  Those ANC boundaries will then be ratified by the City Council.  Allen said he would welcome input from the ANCs in his ward. 


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Mayor Bowser’s Situational Update – New Preregistration Portal Opens Wednesday

Mayor Bowser’s Situational Update – New Preregistration Portal Opens Wednesday

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 8, 2021

Mayor Bowser announced today that the city’s new preregistration procedure for vaccination appointments for eligible groups starts Wednesday, March 10. 

Here are the currently eligible populations as of March 8:

  • Health care workers
  • Members of the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
  • Residents of long-term and intermediate care facilities and residents of community residential facilities/group homes
  • DC residents 65 years old and older
  • Those experiencing homelessness
  • Members of the Metropolitan Police Department
  • Department of Corrections Employees & Residents
  • Continuity of Government Operations personnel
  • All teachers and staff who work for a school or licensed child care facility in DC
  • Grocery Store Workers
  • Outreach workers who work in health, human, and social services
  • Individuals working in manufacturing
  • Individuals working in food packing
  • DC Residents with qualifying medical conditions (see list here: )

Registrants will be asked for information regarding:

  • Demographics
  • Occupation
  • Medical History
  • COVID 19 History
  • Contact Info

Here’s the link to the 24/7 website portal:

Here’s the number for the call center:  855-363-0333 – open M-F 8am – 7pm and Sat – Sun 8am – 4pm.

The order of registering will not affect when registrants are offered an invitation to book an appointment. 

After registration individuals will wait to be notified by call, text, or email.  The system will assign appointments to people when it is their turn so the wait could be days or weeks or months, depending on the risk factor and eligibility.  Everyone will eventually be vaccinated.  Random selection will be adjusted to make sure registrants are not continually passed over in favor of other eligible individuals. 

Once notified, registrants will have 48 hours to book an appointment – each invitation can be used only once.  If registrants miss the 48 hour window, they have to wait until the next time they are selected by the system.  Registrants can be selected up to three times to make an appointment – after which they have to re-register.  Check spam or junk folders to make sure alerts are not missed. 

On Monday, March 15, the first vaccination appointments made through preregistration will take place and the second set of invitations to make appointments will go out by calls, texts, or emails. 

After March 15, invitations will be sent out:

  • Thursdays by 10:00am
  • Sundays by 10:00am
  • Tuesdays by 10:00am (only if any appointments need to be filled)

If people who are not eligible to sign up and register anyway, they will not be called until their group is eligible.  People who are not eligible are encouraged to wait until their group is eligible before registering. 

DC Veterans 65 and older may be able to get vaccinated through the VA Medical Center.  Call 202 745 4342

Here’s a link to the Mayor’s presentation today:

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The Week Ahead…ANC Highlights and Photos

The City Wide ANC Caucus – coordinated by former ANC6B Chair Chander Jayaraman – met last Monday.  Commissioners expressed interest in finding ways that the city’s 300 ANC commissioners can assist the administration in the roll out of programs.  One suggestion was to help coordinate Covid 19 vaccine distribution.  Tyler Williams, Director of Operations for the Mayor’s Office on Community Relations, was present and offered to liaison the Caucus and “Senior Leadership”.  The Caucus in laying plans to hold a virtual COVID 19 Vaccine Hesitancy Town Hall Meeting to encourage vaccination. 

Tuesday, ANC6B’s Planning and Zoning Committee, chaired by Corey Holman, met and considered Barracks Row Chipotle’s request to continue operating as a fast food restaurant.  A potential sticking point regarding rodent control seemed to have been resolved as neighbors – led by Linda Elliott – praised the efforts of the Chipotle management and building owner Guy Silverman for addressing their concerns by effectively creating an indoor cooled trash room.  The Committee also voted unanimously to appeal the decision of the Zoning Committee to disregard building codes and issue a permit to change a single family dwelling at 207 3rd Street, SE, to a six unit multi-family building.  (Correction:  an early version of this post showed a photo of 203 3rd Street, SE. CHC regrets the error.)

Prefabrication sketches for “Loveful Hands” and “Found You”.  The jury is still out on the colorful “Weavings.”

DGS briefed the Eastern Market Metro Park Taskforce on Wednesday on the renovation of the Eastern Market Plaza.  There are weekly meetings regarding the fabrication of the two pieces of public art.  The city is funding “Loveful Hands” by Jay Coleman for Parcel 4 near the Metro entrance, and Barracks Row Main Street is funding “Found You” – three rabbits playing hide and seek by Beth Nybeck– to be installed near the playground on Parcel 1.  The pieces will be fabricated over the summer and installed late summer or fall.  Project Manager Diego Martinez said there was no update on a potential third installation – “Weavings” by Hiroshi Jacob – near Trader Joe’s.  Dave Perry of Barracks Row Main Street said Barracks can’t commit to funding “Weave” at this point, but “conversations continue.”   DGS is projecting a late spring grand opening for the renovation project. 

Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg’s ANC6B’s Transportation Committee met on Wednesday and resident member Brian Kirrane unveiled an interactive internet tool to assist in an ANC6B intersection audit.  He gave Mark Sussman much credit for technical assistance in the development of the tool and said they were closing in on a launch date.  The purpose of the tool is to collect data on the details to evaluate how each of the some 270 intersection in ANC6B is managed to help the ANC assess future traffic management needs. The tool will seek input from nearby residents of each intersection on how traffic is regulated, the timing of traffic signals, and details on crosswalks, ramps, and safety bollards.  Kirrane said other ANC’s might find the tool useful.  See below. 

The Week Ahead…ANC Highlights and Photos

By Larry Janezich

ANC highlights:

  • Monday – ANC6D. Councilmember Charles Allen appears at ANC6D.
  • Tuesday – ANC6B. Andrew DeFrank, Ward 6 Community Engagement Specialist, District Department of Transportation (DDOT).
  • Wednesday – ANC6C. Councilmember Charles Allen appears at ANC6C.  MPD Captain Hrebenak discusses recent carjackings. 
  • Thursday, – ANC6A. Andrew DeFrank, Ward 6 Community Engagement Specialist, District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

Monday, March 8

ANC6D will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on joining the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda: 

  • Presentation: Councilmember Charles Allen will update the ANC on Ward Six. 
  • Executive Office of the Mayor, Budget.
  • Westminster DC.]45 Q Street, SE.
  • 150 I Street, SW.
  • Cotton Annex.
  • Parcel 47D/Republic Portals IV
  • DOEE Programs Overview

Tuesday, March 9

ANC6B holds a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to access the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Presentation: Andrew DeFrank, Ward 6 Community Engagement Specialist, District Department of Transportation (DDOT)
  • Presentation: Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) and GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic – Solar for All and Solar Works DC.
  • Letter to ABRA Requesting delay in protest petition deadline for Handle 19 at 319 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.
  • The Ugly Mug Dining Saloon/Valor Brew, 723 8th Street, SE. Application to add Sports Wagering and Game of Skill endorsements to their operations sports wagering through mobile app and physical consoles for the electronic game of skill Dragon’s Ascent.
  • Chipotle, 413 8th Street SE. Zoning adjustment application – special exception to extend the terms of the special exception granted on July 19, 2011, for an additional ten (10) years, to allow a fast food restaurant use. 
  • 102 9th Street, SE. Zoning adjustment application – special exception to construct a penthouse addition to an existing three-story, attached, principal dwelling unit.
  • 610 South Carolina Avenue, SE. Zoning adjustment application – exception to construct a one story addition to two-story building.
  • 1819 A Street, SE. Zoning adjustment application – special exceptions to construct a third story and a three-story rear addition, and to convert an existing two-story, detached, principal dwelling unit to a three-story, semi-detached, three-unit residential building.
  • 411 New Jersey Avenue, SE. Zoning adjustment application – special exception to construct two new, three-story, principal dwelling units.  
  • 15 8th Street, SE. Historic preservation application – concept review for 2-story rear addition adjacent to alley. 
  • 207 3rd Street, SE. Committee recommendation to appeal the decision of the Zoning Commission to disregard building codes and issue a permit to change a single family dwelling at 207 3rd Street, to a six unit multi-family building. 
  • Resolution for Security at RNC Capitol Hill Club and DNC National Democratic Club Regarding January 6th Insurrection on the Capital.

Wednesday, March 10

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6C will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Presentation: MPD Captain Hrebenak—Recent carjacking occurrences.
  • Presentation: Council Member Charles Allen will update the ANC on the state of Ward Six.

Consent Calendar

  • Uncorked, 22 M Street NE, Class A liquor license.
  • Short-term rental rulemaking, second round, Airbnb legislation.
  • 307 A Street NE, Zoning adjustment application for special exception to add one-story rear addition.
  • 410 East Capitol Street, NE, Historic preservation application. Replacement of a one-story addition with a two-story addition.

Transportation and Public Space Committee

  • New sidewalk café, 111 K Street NE, Public space application.
  • Letter regarding H Street NE safety concerns.
  • DDOT performance oversight hearing, written testimony.
  • Baltimore-Washington SCMAGLEV Project DEIS.

Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee

  • Capitol Crossing, future – (nonvoting). Second stage PUD application.

Thursday, March 11

ANC6A will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Presentation: Andrew DeFrank, District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Community Engagement Specialist
  • Letter to ANC6A ABRA licensees via mail to physical addresses and/or e-mail regarding recent amendments to ANC 6A’s template settlement agreements as well as ANC 6A’s intent to cease enforcement of anti-loitering provisions in existing settlement agreements, and further authorize expenditure up to $150.00 for the costs of paper, printing, and postage.
  • Transportation and Public Space
  • Joint ANC6A and ANC6C letter to DDOT requesting a comprehensive review of safety and traffic concerns on H Street, NE, from North Capitol to 15th Street NE.
  • Joint ANC6A and ANC6C letter to Letter to Mayor Bowser, the DC Council, DDOT, and DCOP regarding solutions for H Street NE.
  • Motion to designate ANC6A Chair Amber Gove, or another Commissioner authorized by the Chair, to provide testimony on behalf of ANC 6A at the March 23, 2021 roundtable “Transportation in the District after the Pandemic”, sponsored by the DC Council.
  • 1637 D Street, NE. Letter to BZA opposing the Application for a special exception  to construct a two-story with basement addition to an existing, nonconforming, two-story with basement, principal dwelling unit at 1637 D Street, NE.
  • 135 13th Street, NE. Letter of conditional support to BZA for a specialexception for constructing a second dwelling unit at 135 13th Street, NE.
  • 1101 H Street, NE. Letter of conditional support to BZA for special exception and an Area Variance to permit the construction of a new mixed-use residential building at 1101 H Street, NE.   
  • Ad Hoc By Laws Committee
  • Approve February 2021 committee report.
  • Letter to WMATA expressing support for the continued operation of bus transit, particularly lines used by transit-dependent neighbors and residents of 6A and Ward 6.

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Mayor Bowser’s March 4 Situational Briefing – Hints at “Loosening Up” & New Preregistration

Mayor Bowser’s March 4 Situational Briefing – Hints at “Loosening Up” & New Preregistration

by Larry Janezich

Posted March 4, 2021

At today’s briefing, Mayor Bowser pointed to the lifting some of the restrictions on travel for those fully vaccinated and announced a tentative date of March 15 for a phased in resumption of high school sports.  Bowser also hinted at a broader loosening of restrictions.  DC Department of Health is expected to make recommendations mid-month for those needing lead time to think about reopening.  “Knock on Wood that things go well”, Bowser said, “I think by mid-month some things might be loosening up.” 

Guidance for travel:    Travel related quarantine and testing requirements may be waived for:

  • Those fully vaccinated against COV-19 AND
  • Travel is within 90 days of the last required dose AND
  • Who do not have any Covid symptoms

See here:

It is recommended to bring your vaccination card with you while travelling in case documentation is requested.  Those not fully vaccinated still need to be tested before coming to DC

Bowser announced that this is the final week using the current system to book appointments.  Next week (date TBA) DC DOH launches a new pre-registration system for making vaccine appointments.  Eligible individuals can visit the website portal or call the DC Call Center.  The website portal will be open 24/7/365.  The Call Center will be open 9 – 7, M-F, and 9-4 on weekends.

  • Those who are registered will be notified by phone call and/or text when they have an opportunity to make an appointment.
  • When making an appointment, residents will be offered a selection of vaccination sites which will list which vaccine is available at those locations.
  • Preregistration does not mean every senior will be offered an appointment before those in a population with lower eligibility.
  • Timing of registration is weighted least in terms of priority for scheduling appointments. DC Health hopes residents who are not in an eligible population will not attempt to preregister until their population is eligible. 
  • There are other opportunities for making vaccine appointments by calling health care providers, DC health care centers and dialysis centers. For a list, click on link above.
  • Appointments will continue to be set aside for residents living in top priority zip codes.

DC DOH is working to open or expand high capacity vaccine sites administering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.  Residents will need an appointment through:   

Other highlights:

  • Walter E. Washington Convention Center (new)
  • Providence Health System (already open – will expand)
  • Entertainment and Sports Arena in Congress Heights (already open – will expand)
  • Children’s National Hospital is vaccinating DC residents 16 or 17 with qualifying medical conditions. 
  • All teachers and staff who work for a school or child care facility are eligible for vaccination and are encouraged to use the DC pre-registration portals.
  • 1011 people have been vaccinated at 11 out of 12 DC Housing Authority Sites
  • Nesbitt said that large walkup sites are not being considered because standing in queue for “hour upon hour to be told that the site is out of vaccine is not a good experience and not what the customer wants”.
  • No thought is being given at present to a vaccination passport.

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