Neighbors North & East of Eastern Market Metro Vexed Over Sudden Removal of Cross Walk

Neighbors North & East of Eastern Market Metro Vexed Over Sudden Removal of Cross Walk

by Larry Janezich

More than 100 neighbors near 8th and D Street, SE, have written city officials to oppose the surprise removal by DDOT of the double crosswalk at the D Street intersection with 8th Street on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE.  The so called “slip lane” – the extension of D Street at this location which allowed vehicles to merge with Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, in front of Trader Joe’s –  was recently eliminated as part of the renovation of Eastern Market Metro Plaza. 

ANC6B05 Commissioner Steve Holzman, alerted neighbors to the pending action last night, and again this morning after work to remove the cross walks had commenced. 

Holtzman said that yesterday he told the DGS Project Manager overseeing the renovation of the Eastern Market Metro Plaza that there had never been a community consultation regarding these crosswalks.  Holtzman said that he pressed for a delay in the removal but the project manager said via email:

“The east-west crosswalk markings are to be removed and the ADA ramp facing west will also be demi’d.  This work has been prioritized to start tomorrow to avoid further confusion at this location.” 

The crosswalks are used by pedestrian traffic travelling west on D Street to cross 8th Street for a straight shot to Trader Joe’s and the corner of 7th and Pennsylvania Avenue.  Foot traffic will now be required to cross 8th Street only at the streetlight at the intersection of Pennsylvania and 8th. 

Holtzman says that it has been known for years that the crossings at 8th and D have been a complicated problem and that he has asked DGS and DDOT to assess the intersection several times.  He said he was told repeatedly by DGS that they did not intend to include any treatment of the crosswalks in the renovation of the Plaza.  Although DGS claims they have had removal of the two crosswalks in their plans for two years, Holtzman and other ANC commissioners say this proposal was never presented publically. 

Holtzman has called on residents to share their views with CM Charles Allen and DDOT.  For more information, Holtzman can be reached at


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2 responses to “Neighbors North & East of Eastern Market Metro Vexed Over Sudden Removal of Cross Walk

  1. Christine

    That’s totally messed up!!

  2. skip strobel

    Change! I think the reason is that this particular spot has always been messed up having a crosswalk at a major intersection; then having a second one half a block from that intersection. This whole ‘square’ will see a lot of change.