Update on Plan to Make PA Avenue SE Two Travel Lanes in Each Direction

Update on Plan to Make PA Avenue SE Two Travel Lanes in Each Direction

By Larry Janezich

Posted September 10, 2021

Last Wednesday night, ANC6B’s Transportation Committee got an update on DDOT’s plan to reduce Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, from three travel lanes in each direction to two lanes in each direction between 2nd Street, SE, and Barney Circle. 

DDOT considered several options and asked for community comment before selecting a plan which provides two travel lanes in each direction, a peak period bus lane in each direction with parking allowed during off peak hours, and a curbside bike lane.

The plan is at 30% design phase completion, which means that the major design elements which the public is most likely to care about are at a stage that they can be depicted and explained in some detail.  The plan has been transferred to the DDOT Traffic Engineering and Signals Division to carry the project to 100%. 

The project will proceed in two phases – Phase I will be from 2nd Street, SE, to 13th Street, SE, and is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2022.  Phase II will be from 13th Street, SE, to Barney Circle and will be complete in 2024-2025.

The Committee agreed to a motion to support the project by a unanimous vote.  The full ANC6B is expected to follow suit at its next monthly meeting on September 14.  

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