Homicide Saturday Night in Front of Watkins – Bullet Strikes ANC Commissioner’s House

Homicide Saturday Night in Front of Watkins – Bullet Strikes ANC Commissioner’s House

by Larry Janezich

Posted October 17, 2021

A man was fatally wounded on 12th Street, SE, in front of Watkins School last night.  It was the second homicide near the school in 11 days. 

Emergency personnel responded to a call that came about 9:44pm and found a man who was reportedly shot several times in the torso and suffered cardiac arrest, according to Alan Henney @alanhenney.  He was taken to a hospital where he died.

ANC6B04 Commissioner Kirsten Oldenburg lives on the block and reported the incident to her constituents this morning:

“Turns out my house, 1/2 block from 12th/D, was an apparent victim last night.  I awoke from a deep sleep this morning to not only hear about the nearby homicide but to discover that a bullet had gone thru and shattered my front window. MPD has investigated but no bullet found so far.  From neighbors this morning I learned that the homicide resulted from a drive-by shooting involving two cars and actually occurred mid-block rather than at the intersection at 930p.”      

On Wednesday, October 6, a man was killed on Watkins Field following a dispute over a pick-up flag football game.  Police say they expect an arrest within a week or two.  Two days later, on October 7, a man was killed at 17th and Independence, SE.  Police believe this was a targeted killing, but are uncertain why. 

It’s not known whether last night’s killing was related to the earlier event at Watkins. 

ANC6B Chair Brian Ready has organized a community public safety virtual meeting which will occur on Tuesday, October 19. 

City officials tentatively scheduled to participate include:

  • CM Charles Allen
  • Christopher Geldart, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice
  • Ralph McLean, First District Commander, MPD
  • Gregg Pemberton, Chairman, DC Police Union
  • Kimberly Pinkney, Community Outreach Program Specialist, Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement

 Register here for the meeting  https://bit.ly/3n6eYoV .  You will receive a confirmation email and a link to the Zoom  meeting. 

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