ANC6A Fights Redistricting Plan in Order to Keep AN6A Together

ANC6A met Thursday night to push back on redistricting in the ANC.

ANC6A Fights Redistricting Plan in Order to Keep AN6A Together

by Larry Janezich

Posted December 2, 2021

ANC6A is pushing back hard against the redistricting plan to bring Ward 7 into the north end of Hill East.

The Commission held a special virtual meeting on Thursday night to consider a letter to the city council, stating that the redistricting map proposed by the Subcommittee on Redistricting’s fails ANC6A, single member district ANC6A08, and Capitol Hill as a whole.  Commissioner Brian Alcorn, whose ANC6A08 single member district would be most affected, sponsored the 14 page letter. The redistricting proposal would bisect his constituency, leaving 1178 in Ward 6 and moving 1181 to Ward 7.

Last November, the ANC agreed that all of ANC6B should remain together, and Kingman Park should be returned to Ward 6.  The response of the Redistricting Subcommittee was a redistricting map returning Kingman Park to Ward 6, but trimming the edge of ANC6A closest to RFK Stadium – Alcorn’s single member district. 

Council Chair Mendelsohn has said that the map may be fine-tuned but not revamped.  Alcorn’s letter urged the council to make minor adjustments which would result in keeping ANC6A together. 

The letter proposes adjusting ANC6A borders to accomplish this and offers several alternatives based on using a more natural boundary instead of using 15th Street as an arbitrary boundary to define a concept of nebulous Hill East which is targeted for annexation to Ward 7. 

  1. Use East Capitol Street or Independence Avenue as a more natural boundary.


  1. Return Kingman Park to Ward 7

A copy of the letter which discusses boundary alternatives in detail and provides maps of the proposals can be found here:

Debate on the proposed letter was brief, reflecting the consensus of the Commission.  Commissioners Sondra Phillips-Gilbert, Phil Toomajian, and Mike Soderman were all strongly in favor of the letter, which passed on a unanimous 7 – vote. 

Here’s the schedule for redistricting:

  • December 7, 2021: First vote by the full Council on the ward redistricting bill
  • December 21, 2021: Second vote on the ward redistricting bill
  • December 2021: Ward Task Forces (which provide recommendations on ANC redistricting) start meeting
  • February 2022: Ward Task Forces report out recommendations
  • May 2022: Subcommittee mark-up of the ANC redistricting bill
  • June 2022: Council votes on the ANC redistricting bill

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