The January 3 2022 Snowstorm – Photo Essay

The city awoke to thundersnow and the sound of snapping tree branches.
A shopper on 10th Street, SE, from North Carolina Avenue.

The passing of the storm, circa 3:30pm, Eastern Market Metro Plaza Playground.

The US Capitol Police closed the Capitol Grounds to sledding, citing concerns over falling branches. Crews cleared the East Front Plaza after Congress briefly convened to postpone business until tomorrow.

The LOC’s Neptune Fountain.

Hope springs eternal for those who patiently wait. Photo: Paris Suzzane Singer

And patience is sometimes rewarded. Photo: Paris Suzzane Singer

A skier returns home late afternoon – perhaps from the Mall where skiers head after a snowstorm.
Maybe not one for the record books, but still….

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  1. Daniel+Buck

    A far as I can tell, there was little or no plowing on Capitol Hill streets (that is, between the Capitol and Lincoln Park) on Monday, the day that counted. For example, as far as I know, main streets like E. Capitol, North Carolina Av. SE, and 11th St, SE, were not plowed, and none of the side streets. Comments?