ANC6B Postpones Vote on License for LBGTQ Barracks Row Bar ‘As You Are’

Here’s an image showing the proximity to E Street neighbors of the proposed As You Are Bar on Barracks Row.

And the other side of the street.

ANC6B Postpones Vote on License for LBGTQ Barracks Row Bar As You Are

by Larry Janezich

Late last night, ANC6B Chair Brian Ready announced that ANC6B would hold a virtual ANC Special Call Meeting on Tuesday, January 25, at 7:30pm, to vote on a tavern license application for As You Are, the LBGTQ Bar which expects to open on Barracks Row in March.  The application had been expected to face an ANC vote next Tuesday.  For info on how to join the January 25 Special Call Meeting, go here:   Under ANC6B bylaws any three commissioners can require a special meeting of the ANC. 

Last Thursday, the ANC’s Alcohol Beverage Control Committee held a hearing on the license application but it was the consensus of commissioners that more work needed to be done to allay concerns raised by nearby neighbors about the operations of the establishment.  The Committee voted unanimously to refer the application to the full ANC meeting on Tuesday to allow commissioners, owners, and neighbors time to continue to work on a Settlement Agreement which spells out restrictions and conditions under which recipients of a liquor license can operate their establishments. 

According to Ready, the stakeholders were unable to reach an agreement on Saturday and the vote was postponed to allow more time for negotiations.  He said neighbors remain open to discussing how to resolve outstanding issues.  An agreement leading to a vote to support the license on January 25th would allow As You Are to meet its goal of a March opening. 

The Settlement Agreement becomes attached to the license and is legally enforceable by the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration.  One of the concerns is that even if the commissioners and neighbors give the benefit of doubt to the owners of As You Are and accept their professed intentions to be a good neighbor, the Settlement Agreement conveys along with the license to a new owner should As You Are close or relocate, and that new owner may be less inclined to be a good neighbor.  As You Are is applying for a tavern liquor license which would allow later hours of operation – until 3:00am – and allow serving less food than the restaurant liquor license held by previous occupants of the site. 

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