The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force Members for ANC6A Brian Pate and Gottlieb Simon at last Thursday’s ANC6A meeting. Pate is a former ANC6B Commissioner and Simon is the former Executive Director of the DC Office of ANCs.

ANC6A met last Thursday night and heard from members of the Ward 6 Task Force on Redistricting as well as a members of the Ward 7 Task Force representing residents west of the Anacostia River.  The Task Force will make recommendations on changing ANC and SMD (single member district) boundaries by April 1.  

Ward 6 Task Force member for ANC6A Brian Pate urged community feedback on what areas of 6A are most important to residents, and where the potential flashpoints are.  Ward 6 Task Force member for ANC6A Gottlieb Simon pointed out that half of 6A is fine, but the boundaries of SMDs 05, 03, 04, and 01 need tweaking.  Simon also raised the possibility of dividing jurisdiction of Lincoln Park (now in 6A) between ANC6A and ANC6B.  That idea received push back from 6A commissioner Mike Soderman, but ANC6A Chair Amber Gove noted that two ANCs advocating for Lincoln Park might be beneficial and more effective than one.   

Ward 7 Task Force co-chair Tamara Blair noted that the term she was hearing regarding Ward 7, was “unity,” perhaps referring to the Ward 7 Task Force’s first “listening session” where residents stressed the importance of cohesive communities.  

Brian Alcorn, one of the members of the Ward 7 Task Force who also serves as ANC6A commissioner (until January when the new SMD boundaries become effective) raised two possibilities:  first, the creation of cross ward boundary SMDs (considered unlikely given the necessity of support by Councilmember Vincent Gray), and second, the establishment of a free standing 7 member Ward 7 ANC west of the river. 

Alcorn said he remained “focused on the goal of working to deliver an ANC structure and ANC SMD boundaries that are logical and enable that ANC to be effective in doing the work for the immediate community.  Having a logical geographical structure and some community cohesion is critical in making agencies effective to arguing their case in front of the DC government and do the routine business of the people.“

For the schedule for all the virtual Task Force Meetings and a link to register to attend, go here:

ICYMI, Market Lunch in Eastern Market is closed until March 1.
Sunnyside Restaurant Group inches closer to reopening (“late winter”) Santa Rosa Taqueria after almost two years, at 301 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, with 60 seats inside and another 60 on the patio.
Santa Rosa is owned and managed by Micheline and Cathy Mendelsohn. The menus will be overseen by Chef Brian Lacayo and beverages by Gina Chersevani.  The restaurant will be open daily from 11:30am to 10pm for both dine-in and delivery/takeout service.  For more information, follow @Santarosataqueria on Instagram or visit
The Renwick Gallery is currently exhibiting “New Glass Now,” through March 6.  The exhibit is made possible by the Corning Museum of Glass and showcases 100 works of glass art created in the last decade.  This piece is by David Colton, Untitled.  See here:

Matthew Curtis. Amber Increment. 

Harvey K. Littleton.  Opalescent Red Crown. 

Not glass, but glad to see this installation is still up in the Grand Salon of the Renwick.  It’s Janet Echelman’s “1.8 Renwick.”  Fiber and colored lights examine the connection between us and our physical world.
Here’s another angle as the lights continuously shift colors on the fabric. It was inspired by the March 11, 2011, Pacific Ocean earthquake that shifted the earth on its axis and shortened the day by 1.8 millionth of a second.  Hence the name. 

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Monday, February 14

ANC6D will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

To join the meeting, go here:

The preliminary, bare-bones and incomplete draft agenda (Inexplicably, 6D waits until a few hours before the meeting to release its final agenda):

  • Public Safety Report
  • DC Water Potomac River Tunnel Update
  • 807 Maine Avenue SW Development PUD

Tuesday, February 15

ANC6B Capitol Hill Business Interest Group meets at 2:00pm. 

To join the meeting, go here.   


  • Current food safety system. 

Wednesday, February 16

ANC 6A Economic Development & Zoning Committee will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm. 

To join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda: 

  • 1207 H Street, NE.  Zoning application.  Request for a map amendment to change the property from its current NC-14 zoning (Mixed Use: Medium Density Residential and Medium Density Commercial) to NC-15 )medium density mixed use) which permits a height of 70 feet and an FAR of 4.8, and will be subject to the enhanced affordability requirements under the IZ+ program.
  • 1127 G Street, NE.  Zoning Adjustment Application.  Request for special exception zoning relief to construct a detached, two-story, garage with second story dwelling unit to an existing, attached, two-story principal dwelling unit.

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