Here’s What We Know about the Trucker Convoy

Here’s What We Know about the Trucker Convoy

By Larry Janezich

Posted March 4, 2022

Friday afternoon, following a briefing with security officials and city leaders, CM Charles Allen shared the following points related to the possible convoy of truckers coming into the District this weekend and next week.

  • The largest of the several convoys is reported to have more than 500 vehicles – a mix of tractor trailers, RVs, and personal vehicles.
  • Most of the convoy appears to be staging in Hagerstown, MD, this evening and Saturday. 
  • The biggest impact (if any) for the District would be later this weekend and potentially into next week if the convoy or individual drivers attempt to enter the District or instead, drive around the Beltway.
  • The intention of those in the convoy is unclear, though spokespersons for the larger convoy stated they do not intend to enter DC.  But they do not speak for every participant. 
  • The convoy has also attracted numerous extremist groups and individuals along its journey, but leadership of the larger group has at times attempted to distance the association with those individuals.
  • It’s unclear what targets the convoy might have in mind, but areas of focus will be the White House and US Capitol.
  • DC law enforcement has staged vehicles and personnel at various entry points to stop vehicles if needed and has built up capacity to tow and remove vehicles if there are parking and blocking strategies employed. 
  • There’s no indication the convoy is focused on residential neighborhoods but any attempt to reach the Capitol or White House might bring them through those neighborhoods. 
  • Law enforcement officials say they will continue watching closely any large vehicles and trucks entering the city well before they get downtown or near the Capitol.

Allen says a big take away from the briefing is that “while the situation is still very fluid, law enforcement is taking a very focused and strategic approach and is advising people to prepare to exercise patience next week if we see any road closures take place.”  You can also get updates via Alert DC:

Also, see here the DCist story here:

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  1. Mark Ugoretz

    I’ve lived on the Hill for 50 years. Seen worse. If we’re not willing to put up with this, we shouldn’t live here. The circus is ALWAYS in town, 24/7.