New Barracks Row Retail:  Sustainable (Pricey) Dry Goods | Grocer Outlet Coming

The space formerly occupied by Baskin-Robbins is getting a new dry goods and grocery tenant. The Haines Building is owned by Community Connections.

New Barracks Row Retail:  Sustainable (Pricey) Dry Goods | Grocer Outlet Coming

by Larry Janezich

The signage on the former Baskin-Robbins at 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, announces the coming of Mason & Greens, Sustainable Dry Goods | Grocer.  The company promises plastic free products that are ethically made and sustainably sourced and claims ownership of the title of DC’s largest vegan shop.  Package free goods purchased on line can be delivered to your door with a $25 minimum and $5 delivery fee.   

Their offerings, they say, contain no toxic chemicals, synthetic fabric, palm oil or anything else that can damage people or the planet.  The product line includes items for the home, kitchen, beauty, kids, and the outdoors, as well as food, snacks, and books.   

This will be the company’s second store – there’s a Mason & Greene at 913 King Street in Alexandria. 

Here’s a link to their website:


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4 responses to “New Barracks Row Retail:  Sustainable (Pricey) Dry Goods | Grocer Outlet Coming

  1. Elizabeth Kaehler

    I would suggest taking out the “Pricey” comment. It is not necessary and should be left to the consumer to discover if that is the case. Have you done a price comparison? I would imagine that some of their items are more expensive, but others are not. I shop at their Alexandria store and am very excited that they are coming to the District. We need more environmentally friendly options. Cheaper is not always better – for people or the environment.

    • Voracious

      In this case I’d say it’s a fair warning. I try to do zero waste shopping and have been to other stores like the Takoma Park co-op that have bulk shopping. I went to the Old Town M&G once and was shocked when I rung up my 16 oz of liquid hand soap- it was something like $20 (keep in mind you can buy that amount of Method hand soap for around $3 or $4). So yeah, they’re pricey by anyone’s standards. I’m happy they’re coming to this space but don’t think they’ll survive long in Capitol Hill unless they bring their prices down. We Hill residents like to shop sustainably too but we don’t have Old Town budgets.

      • #ClimateActionNow

        So true — it makes the excellent and eco friendly options like MOMs and Yes look like Dollar General. Be warned — this is highly bespoke

  2. I’d just want to point out that Capitol Hill’s median household incomes are very similar to Old Town Alexandria. If anything, they’re higher.