Redistricting Hearing:  No Movement on Hill East but for ANC6C It’s a Whole New Ballgame

CM Elissa Silverman, Chair of the City Council’s Subcommittee on Redistricting at yesterday’s hearing: “What you see behind me is the task force recommended boundaries.  You might not think we change the map, but we do.”

Redistricting Hearing:  No Movement on Hill East but for ANC6C It’s a Whole New Ballgame

by Larry Janezich

Posted April 29, 2022

Yesterday, CM Elissa Silverman, chair of the City Council Subcommittee on Redistricting, held a second Subcommittee roundtable to hear community concerns – ward by ward – on the proposed new boundaries for ANC and single member districts.

On Capitol Hill, there was little movement on the contentious issue of a separate standalone ANC west of the Anacostia River comprised of single member districts formerly part of Ward 6 plus Kingman Park.  Last month ANC6A and ANC6B had both voted unanimously to support a standalone ANC on behalf of their former Ward 6 residents.  Ward 7 residents and the east of the river ANC’s are adamant about the creation of two cross river ANCs which make the north and south ends of Hill East part of two existing Ward 7 ANCs. 

There are good arguments for creating a standalone ANC west of the river.  And the arguments that the Subcommittee’s principles of redistricting are met by creating two cross river ANCs seem to be a stretch.  But political and economic considerations far outweigh any practical considerations for a separate Ward 7 ANC west of the river.  The only concession made was indicated by ANC 7F Chair Tyrell M. Holcomb (whose ANC would incorporate the southern end of Hill East) who said the commission had created a task force to oversee development of Reservation 13.  There is a slim chance that some tweaking of the final map by the Subcommittee could build on this initiative to give Hill East residents a greater voice in development of Reservation 13.

ANC6C Commissioner Mark Eckenweiler’s proposed alternative map for ANC6C

On the other end of Ward 6, ANC6C had better luck with a proposed map drawn up to correct some perceived deficiencies in the Ward 6 Task Force map.  Commissioner Mark Eckenweiler  presented an alternative to the Ward 6 Task Force map and the ANC unanimously supported the proposal in a letter to the Subcommittee.  Eckenweiler also lobbied CM Charles Allen who, Eckenweiler said, consulted with Ward 6 Task Force chair Ivan Frishberg.   Eckenweiler told the Subcommittee that Allen supported the map and it was his impression that Frishberg had no objection to the changes.  At his community office hours held at Radici near Eastern Market Friday morning, CM Allen confirmed to CHC thiat he supported Eckenweiler’s map.  That support seems to assure the proposal’s likely endorsement by the Subcommittee.

Here’s what will happen next.  The Subcommittee will vote on the proposed changes to ANC and single member district boundaries on May 17.  Next, the City Council of the Whole will vote on the new map on May 24, followed by a second and final vote on June 7. 

The map goes to the Mayor for signature and then to the Board of Elections for implementation.

The maps recommended by the Ward Task Forces can be found here, at the top of the page.

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