CM Allen and Mayor Bowser Appoint New Members to Eastern Market Advisory Board

Brian Pate and Jackie Kreiger have been appointed to seats on the Eastern Market Community Advisory Commission.  

by Larry Janezich

Posted September 30, 2022

At last Wednesday’s virtual meeting of the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC), Chair Chuck Burger announced that CM Charles Allen had appointed former ANC6B Commissioner Brian Pate to the seat designated by DC Statute to be filled by the Ward 6 Councilmember.  Burger also announced that Mayor Bowser had appointed Capitol Hill resident Jackie Kreiger to the seat designated to be filled by the Mayor.  The Ward 6 Councilmember seat has been vacant since the passing earlier this year of long-serving EMCAC member Donna Scheeder.  The Mayor’s seat has been empty since Jonathan Page resigned in 2020 when he moved out of Ward 6.  

Pate’s nomination was confirmed by a unanimous vote of the committee.  According to Burger, Krieger must be sworn in by the executive before her nomination becomes official and EMCAC can be notified, “after which we can approve her nomination and welcome her as a voting member.” 

In introductory remarks, Pate said he was “thankful to be back and hopefully contribute to the Eastern Market family.”  Pate served for four years as an ANC6B commissioner 2011 – 2014 after being elected in 2010.  During his tenure he served alternate years as ANC6B’s designated representative on the Market’s advisory board.  He said, “I learned lessons in how the market functions, market dynamics and the different stakeholders groups at the market… I’m happy to be back and a part of it.  One thing I’m excited about is that next year is the 150th year of continuous operation of the market.  That is a huge deal and I think we should celebrate that.”  (Later in the meeting, Pate was appointed to head up a committee to explore and discuss options for ways to commemorate the anniversary.)

In her introductory remarks, Kreiger said she had been a resident of Capitol Hill for 41 years and had never lived more than four or five blocks from Eastern Market and I know how important it is ….”While I don’t have quite as much experience as Brian in this organization…I really look forward to working with  you and helping as I can.”  Kreiger is an At-Large Member of the Board of Directors of the Capitol Hill Restoration Society (CHRS).  Susan Oursler, a former CHRS Board member, currently represents CHRS on the advisory committee.  Kreiger will serve as the representative of the Mayor separate and apart from her role in CHRS. 

Members of EMCAC are designated by the DC Statute governing Eastern Market.  The law states EMCAC will be comprised of the following members:

A representative from:

  • ANC6B
  • Capitol Hill Restoration Society
  • Stanton Park Neighborhood Association
  • Eastern Market Preservation and Development Corporation (vacant)
  • Other organizations upon a vote of75% of EMCAC members (currently none)
  • Ward 6 appointed by the Ward 6 Councilmember
  • Ward 6 appointed by the Mayor
  • 2 Eastern Market food vendors

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One response to “CM Allen and Mayor Bowser Appoint New Members to Eastern Market Advisory Board

  1. Rick Otis

    I once served on the the committee and quit once it became clear decisions were being made behind closed doors by a subset of members and since it wasn’t doing anything to protect market from becoming a tourist trap. The same members are still there and while they may object to my comments, they still haven’t done anything.