ANC6D Election:  One “No Candidate,” One Contest and Six “No Contests”

Map showing the new ANC6D and Single Member District boundaries post 2022 redistricting. These new ANC and SMD boundaries will take effect on January 1, 2023.

Map showing current ANC6D and Single Member District boundaries.

ANC6D Election:  One “No Candidate,” One Contest and Six “No Contests”

by Larry Janezich

Posted October 27, 2022

This is the fourth in a series of profiles of ANC candidates from Single Member Districts on or near Capitol Hill.

Redistricting reduced the area of ANC6D by moving the Navy Yard and Capitol Riverfront into Ward 8 but a population explosion resulted in adding one more seat (from 7 to 8) to the Commission which has Nats Park and The Wharf at its heart.

This move of residents to Ward 8 comprised everything east of South Capitol Street and south of the Freeway including the entire Single Member District of ANC6D’s forceful Chair, Edward Daniels.  His retirement from the Commission was involuntary but three other sitting commissioners voluntarily decided not to seek reelection:  Marjorie Lightman, D01; Jared Weiss, D02; and Andy Litsky, D04.  Some city agencies – especially DDOT – and some developers must have breathed a sigh of relief at the long-serving Litsky’s retirement, given his strenuous efforts to hold agencies accountable and to pressure developers for more affordable housing. 

The seat held incumbent by Ron Collins whose single member district includes Greenleaf Gardens is being contested by Tom Seidman.  The seat for 6D04 has no candidate and is up for grabs via a write in campaign.  The remaining six seats are uncontested.   

Several of the candidates were unresponsive to requests for profiles, but those who did respond are listed below.  The three candidates who are incumbents are marked with an asterisk. 

If you are not sure if redistricting changed which single member district you’re in, go here: 

6D01 BOB LINK.  “I am running to represent the residents of the new 6D01 SMD which is geographically centered around The Wharf.  I have lived in SWDC since 2016 and love the diversity of our residents and neighborhoods.  As a member of the Gangplank Slipholders Association (GPSA) Board for 5 years, I have been persistently engaged in and become knowledgeable of the LOCAL issues and challenges which are important to 6D01 residents.  I am a problem-solver who listens first, processes the facts and then attacks the issues that impact many in a logical, linear manner.  I bring few preconceived agenda items to my proposed service as the ANC 6D01 commissioner and am most passionate about public policy that relates to how infrastructure is built and development is accomplished which serves the needs of many and not the gains of a few.  The entirety of our district has committed to and sacrificed for the long-running, ongoing re-development of the Southwest Waterfront at The Wharf and Buzzard Point. I truly believe this commitment was made with the mindset to “pay it forward” and as the ANC 6D01 representative I pledge to focus on how we ensure that the entirety of this district reaps the full benefits of what the residents, businesses and community organizations have invested in.”

*6D02 RONALD COLLINS (Did not respond to requests for profile information.)

6D02 TOM SEIDMAN.  “Rising housing costs is the number one challenge facing the neighborhood.  Applying inclusionary zoning principles, and, while controversial, promoting greater housing density are the tools available to the ANC.  It bears mention that my neighbors are exasperated by issues such as porch pirates, vandalism of vehicles, carjacking, and gun violence. I’ll do all I can to support enhanced public safety.  I suppose that anybody filing to run for office should be prepared to answer a “Why are you running?” question.  In my case, I was not happy that nobody stood for the ANC6D02 position two years ago.  I want my neighbors’ voices heard.  I vowed that would not be the case next time.  Due to redistricting, our current commissioner will soon live in Ward 8. The incumbent in neighboring district 6D03 will now live in 6D02.  For voters in 6D02, it’s an embarrassment of riches this time around.  You have a choice.  Consider supporting my candidacy.  Whomever you choose, choose to vote in the General Election.  It is an important and meaningful right to exercise.

6D03 GAIL FAST.  “Gail Fast is running again in a newly formed SMD, after a two-year hiatus. Issues such as affordable housing and multi-modal transportation and safety will continue to be her priorities.  During her previous tenure on the ANC, Fast served as Secretary and ANC Chair. Projects included working with residents on the Shakespeare Theatre development at 501 I Street, SW; petitioned and lobbied to bring back the Circulator and extend the 74 bus to include Buzzard Point; was a member of 6D’s Wharf Phase II negotiation team; provided oversight on DPR’s renovation of the Southwest Duck Pond; was a member of the Jefferson Middle School modernization team; and lobbied to finally get a bus shelter in front of the school.  She looks forward to working with new Commissioners and feels that she can bring a historical perspective to the Commission.

6D04  Write in, if any. 

6D05 ASHTON ROHMER.  “Since moving to Southwest, Ashton’s active involvement in the community has given her an opportunity to learn about the issues her neighbors care about. Through coordinating public engagement efforts for a proposed community center, leading a local story-sharing initiative, and joining with other residents to advocate for walking and biking infrastructure, she has talked with dozens of fellow residents about their concerns, hopes, and ideas for Southwest.  These conversations have shown her the impacts (good and bad) development has had on the community and given her an appreciation for how the built environment – our parks, our homes, our streets, our civic spaces – can influence our ability to connect with our neighbors and access opportunities for our families.  Using her training as an urban planner and her work as a PhD student in peace and conflict resolution, Ashton will continue to learn from her constituents, will seek opportunities for collaboration and community-building, and will advocate for high-quality affordable housing, improved public spaces, and safer streets.

6D06 BRUCE LEVINE (Did not respond to requests for profile info.)

*6D07 FREDRICA “RIKKI” KRAMER.  “Fredrica (“Rikki”) Kramer has lived in SW for over 40 years, and been an activist and advocate for the community for most of that time, with particular concern for maintaining the social diversity in all its dimensions that makes Southwest unique. On ANC 6D since 2020, she has injected that perspective in negotiations to increase affordable housing and other design features in redevelopment projects, to reflect Southwest’s historic heritage in new development, and to ensure that “Build First” keeps our public housing residents in Southwest as that housing is rehabilitated or redeveloped.  Her work overall has focused on poverty and social welfare policy and remedial programs for vulnerable populations, and on urban policy and its effects on equity and diversity.  She understands policy and implementation at federal and local levels, which provides a basis for understanding the opportunities and constraints we face as an ANC in weighing in effectively on the problems we confront.  She looks forward to expanding our toolbox to increase affordable housing for a range of income levels and household types, to support locally-based and neighborhood-serving amenities, to maintain our open and common spaces, and to confront our increasing problems with traffic management as redevelopment continues.”

*6D08 RHONDA NATALIE HAMILTON (Did not respond to requests for profile info.)

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