The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

Another CBD (read weed gifting) outlet on Barracks Row.  Strawana opened at 427 8th Street, S.E., in the space formerly occupied by the sneaker laundry Sole Wash next to the 7-11.  When it opens across the street, Mother Blossom – where the buildout is underway – will be the second CBD/weed gifting outlet on the 400 block of Barracks Row.  There are several CBD/weed gifting outlets on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, on the 500 block and the 1100 block.  Last April, the City Council voted down a proposal to close down weed gifting shops. Some councilmembers said gifting would move to a harder-to-monitor delivery service while others decried stifling entrepreneurship.  Those who voted against the bill (which fell one short of the 9 votes needed for emergency legislation) were Silverman, George, Henderson, Robert C. White, and Trayon White. Sole Wash has relocated to The Yards at Eastern Market –700 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, Suite 2066. 

Here’s a shot from last Friday of the Christmas tree in the Great Hall of the Library of Congress.  You’ll need a timed entry pass to get in to see it.  Go here: 

And speaking of which, here’s a shot of the Library’s Main Reading Room and the central desk which is the subject of a controversial plan which would entail removal of the center tower to permit construction of an oculus window giving visitors on the floor below a view of the interior dome of the Library.  One of the LOC volunteers who are present to answer questions said that the oculus project was dead. (Later, a second source told CHC it had been scrubbed a few weeks ago.) In November, The Society of Architectural Historians released a September 8, 2022, letter from the SAH Heritage Conservation Committee to Librarian of Congress Dr. Carla D. Hayden in opposition to the proposed alterations to the Main Reading Room.  See here:

Across the way, here’s a shot of the Capitol Christmas Tree.  This year’s tree is a 78 foot red spruce from North Carolina.  Nicknamed “Ruby” the tree is decorated – according to tradition – with handmade ornaments from residents of North Carolina.

Thursday, December 8, saw the 100th anniversary of South East Library.  The hope was to have the renovation done in time to re-open the Library on the date of its anniversary – but, bureaucratic delays, you know….

Last Thursday was the last meeting of the current members of ANC6A.  The business of the commission was routine and was followed by commissioner comments on the accomplishments of the commission and expressions of thanks from Chair Amber Gove.  When the Commission convenes in January 2023, it will be a 7 members commission (down one seat from the current 8, owing to redistricting) and will be comprised of ANC6A01 Keya Chatterjee, 6A02 Mike Velasquez, 6A03 Roberta Shapiro, 6A04 Amber Gove,  643, 6A05 Laura Gentile, 6A06 Robb Dooling, and 6A07 Stephen Moilanen. 

The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

by Larry Janezich

Posted December 11, 2022

The Week Ahead…

Monday, December 12

ANC6D will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda: 

  • Public Safety Report.
  • DDOT Updates.
  • Development at 1301 South Capitol Street, SW.
  • BZA Application for 1250 Maryland Avenue, SW, The Portals.

Tuesday, December 13

ANC6B will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

Consent Agenda

  • Letter of Withdrawal for ANC 6B applications for Barney Circle Historic District as the entirety of the application is no longer in ANC 6B.
  • Letter to DDOT on Safety Measures at 9th & I Streets, SE.
  • Letter to DDOT on Traffic Signal for 11th & D Streets, SE.


  • Southwest/Southeast Freeway Rehabilitation project.
  • R13 Community Partners Phase II/Bundle II.

Plenary Session

  • Rose’s at Home, 721 8th Street, SE. Class “C” Restaurant License: Request for Stipulated License for Internet Sales, Hours: 7am-12am. 
  • 531 12th Street, SE. Historic Preservation Application – Concept Review.  Third story-addition and roof deck garden, new front window well and expanded areaway. 
  • 647 G Street, SE. Historic Preservation Application – Concept Review.  New three-story rear addition.

Wednesday, December 14

ANC6C will hold a virtual meeting at 7:00pm.

For info on how to join the meeting, go here:

Among items on the draft agenda:

  • Taqueria Rosticeria Fresca, 701 H Street, NE. Liquor License Application.  Class C restaurant license – entertainment endorsement.
  • Elevate, 15 K Street, NW. Liquor License Application.  Class C tavern license – renewal.
  • Hillsdale College, 219-299 Massachusetts Avenue, NE. Public Space Application.  Plaza alterations.
  • Discussion: Metro for D.C – Free bus fare beginning July 1.
  • 301 Florida Avenue, NE. Public Space Application. 115 unit all-affordable housing community development and building projections for proposed affordable housing.
  • FedEx, 300 Maryland Avenue, NE. Public Space Application. Knee wall to 30”. 
  • Discussion: K Street NE, safety issues.  K Street underpass and corridor generally. 
  • Discussion: 3rd and 4th Streets NE – Truck traffic concerns.
  • 775 H Street, NE. Informational presentation, zoning map amendment, change from zone NC-16 to NC-17.
  • 507 Florida Avenue, NE. Discussion of potential BZA appeal of permit to remove cornice and mansard. 


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2 responses to “The Week Ahead…& Some Photos from the Past Week

  1. David

    Correction: Mother Blossom will be the 3rd illegal pot gifting store on the 4oo Block of 8th Street. You missed “Mr Nice Guys” next to the Starbucks. There’s also the “Flourish Gallery” located at 8th & G. It seems that unlicensed, unregulated businesses are the only new enterprises opening in the District.

  2. Craig D'Ooge

    Glad to hear the “oculous projectz’ is dead. The main reading room never needed a “disco floor.’